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Genetic Testing For Kidney Cancer

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Genetic Testing For Kidney Cancer

Postby Stanwic » Mon Aug 08, 2016 5:02 am

Hello,     I just had post-right partial nephrectomy surgery. I had a clear cell renal cell carcinoma, stage 1 - grade 3(of 4).   I have a question about a report I received back from the hospital. It is a Genetic testing. Could you tell me what it means besides it is abnormal and what it means to me? Does it change the outlook or treatment? Thank you    Results: Specimen - Tissue-tumor Result 92.xxxx{8}/46.xx{22}

Interpretation: The result is abnormal. Of 30 metaphases, 22 were normal and 8 were 92.xxxx. These results exceed the normal limit for polyploidy(up to 6% cells). Tetraploid cells can be seen in a variety of solid tumors and are non-specific. Clinicopathologic correlation is indicated.   Banding Q/G Analyzed 8 Karyotyped 3   Banding QFQ Analyzed 22 Karyotyped 0

Band Resolution 400

Reason for Referral : renal cell classification, cyst adnexa What does all this mean? Thank you so very much for your time.

ANSWER: Well it means that your kidney cancer is more malignant than is usual. It has therefore also got the grade 3(of 4 possible, the higher the grade the more malignant). So in spite of the fact that it was only a stage 1 tumor(caught early) its prognosis is rather doubtful. Kidney cancers are usually not very sensitive to chemotherapy - though the situation is somewhat better now than before - or to radiation therapy. So the possibilities of adjuvant chemotherapy are very limited, but you should at least discuss such prophylactic treatment with your doctor. Good luck!

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---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

Thank you for your quick, informative response. I have a question. The urologist removed the whole tumor. So do we need to be aggressive with our checkups to see if the cancer pops up somewhere else? I have an appt in a month with CT scan and other tests. Sorry for all the questions, I really like to prepare myself. Thank you for your time...

ANSWER: Unfortunately no one can ever guarantee that ALL of a tumor of this kind has been removed. That is why it is called malignant. With a benign tumor you can more or less guarantee that. Such tests are in these cases more or less routine. GOOD LUCK and thanks!

You can also reach me on: http://www.lifestylerescue.com/expert/health-fitness-advice/dr-claes-gustaf/128     There is no restriction to the number of questions there.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

My recheck in August went fine. Just 2 weeks ago I started to have pain in my back(like you are sleeping on a tennis ball), running a low grade fever. Just not feeling well. I went in thinking that I had an infection. They did Ct scan and found a adrenal nodule that is 9.8 x 11.8 mm. This nodule was not there in August. Do I need to be worried? This was not on the kidney that had the cancer, but the healthy one. Could they have missed this in August when I had the ct? Thank you so much  
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Genetic Testing For Kidney Cancer

Postby luigi » Mon Aug 08, 2016 9:43 am

Anything - almost - is possible. To be sure what this is I do suggest a needle biopsy of this new lesion. It may be possible to do it with ultrasound guidance now when it is precisely known where it is. Good luck!

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