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Gemini doesn't call anymore?

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Gemini doesn't call anymore?

Postby dawayne » Sun Jul 01, 2012 3:32 pm

I've been dating a Gemini man for almost 5 months. He's amazing for the most part. I love being around him. We live a couple hours away but visit each other often.
For the first two months we spoke on the phone every night, would Skype & text throughout the day. Until one day his phone broke & I didn't hear from him in a couple days. I was worried because everything seemed perfect then stopped. I did try contacting him a couple times then I stopped because I got no response. Then I texted him out of the blue & he answered & explained how he got a new phone & made a comment about how it took so long for me to contact him (since he got his new phone) & I explained that I had been but stopped.

Fast forward were back to how things were. Still have a great time together but the calling & texting is not the same. He can go 2 days without talking to me. Idk if that's normal because that's not normal for US. Idk if that's how things naturally change with time or if I should be worried. He still treats me the exact same besides that & when I contact him first he seems happy to hear from me. I commented on it & he says he "needs to work on his communication" what?! He never had a problem before. He does make an effort, but not like he used to.

How should I deal with this? I don't want to come off as clingy & needy. But I AM clingy & needy. I'm a Cancer! ;) lol.
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Gemini doesn't call anymore?

Postby carolos » Sun Jul 01, 2012 3:33 pm

somehow when i'm reading this, in my mind saying that's simply a gemini.... that's a natural attitude for them since they have short attention span and indecisive.

first of all, maybe he's got a problem that he needs to go through. or maybe he got bored and explains why he's there but the effort is not like what he used to give before. or simply, he doesn't think that's it's a big deal just like how you think of it..... (yeah... gemini have a simple mind set.... don't be surprised that it's waaayyyy different than water signs mind set)

lol, i understand that clingy and needy part... i'm a scorpio after all :p
and that "maybe" i listed up there is what exactly happened in my experience with my man (yeah, he's a gemini). i used to take it overboard and makes small things bigger and that's simply drives him mad though (i still can't understand how he calmed down and stayed with me........... i need to respect him on that~~)

anyway, just don't think it too deep. let him free though..... because for a gemini, i believe that if he comes back after you set him free than he is yours after all. don't worry either he will cheat with girls, he might get bored of you or he might not like you at all by the way he act.... gemini is simple, they will tell if they're getting bored or meeting new girls or whatever.

for you... just be a cool girl! hahaha don't let too much emotions control you. and ypu need to be very patient since well..... gemini is indecisive ~~~ slowly though, you can adapt with gemini's style.... ;)

scorpio girl
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Gemini doesn't call anymore?

Postby giovany41 » Sun Jul 01, 2012 3:39 pm

something might be happening with his friends, gemini are very sociable. you just have tell him that, really. Talking is the only way to communicate with Scorpios.
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Gemini doesn't call anymore?

Postby lynne » Sun Jul 01, 2012 3:46 pm

there is probably some logical reasoning in why he is doing it. Gemini is an air sign and they tend to do things logically rather than by emotion.
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Gemini doesn't call anymore?

Postby lynne » Sun Jul 01, 2012 3:50 pm

honestly it sounds like he's just playing games with you or just testing you out a little. Sometimes people get very bored with others even if it is someone that you like. From my view point, it seems like his mindset right now is "I'm only gonna talk to her, if she contacts me first", I do that to some people too because I don't want them to feel as if I really need to talk to them, and that I can take them or leave them. 2 days without talking does not seem like the end of the world, and I understand that you are clingy and needy but don't let him know that, he's going to run away if you keep trying to pull him back in more and more, maybe this is his way of slowly distancing himself from you, sometimes it happens that way, I think you should find someone who is like you, cause it sounds like he's not the one
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