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Friend Had Kidney Cancer, Mass On Other Kidney?

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Friend Had Kidney Cancer, Mass On Other Kidney?

Postby Fulton » Thu Feb 12, 2015 7:46 am

Ok I know no one can really tell me whats going on until he sees the doctor tomorrow but I can't help but to ask anyway.

So about a year ago my friend had kidney cancer and they removed his kidney. Now they found a mass on his other kidney today. Since he had kidney cancer, how likely is it that this is cancer again? If anyone can even answer that....

My brother died last year, my husbands brother died a couple months ago so this wait, even though it's only a day, is really hard on us. I can't stop thinking about it and neither can he. Also, if it would be cancer again is it possible for him to be treatable without receiving another kidney?
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Friend Had Kidney Cancer, Mass On Other Kidney?

Postby Tobie » Thu Feb 12, 2015 11:07 am

Bilateral kidney cancer is not that rare.
If he had a tumor in his other kidney about a year ago than this one should be small because when you have a tumor in one kidney they always check the other.
Being small there are two treatments: partial nephrectomy, where they remove only the cancerous tumor and not the whole kidney, or, in advanced hospitals, they can freeze a small tumor and kill it in place.
If the whole kidney has to be removed for some reason, then the patient would go on dialysis until a transplant could be found.
For kidney cancer, chemo is not used unless the cancer spreads outside the kidney.
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Friend Had Kidney Cancer, Mass On Other Kidney?

Postby Thurmond » Thu Feb 12, 2015 11:12 am

Only his oncologist will know, and then only after some tests.
A lot depends on what he did for treatment for the first bout of cancer.
If he only had surgery, this might be a re-occurrence of the same cancer, and if they are catching it early, it may be treatable with surgery to just remove the spot and/or chemotherapy.
It also may be something benign.
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