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Foreskin Of Penis - Second Question, Request

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Foreskin Of Penis - Second Question, Request

Postby dealbeorht51 » Sat Mar 11, 2017 6:17 pm

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Good day,

I have same question as below but this time with pictures plus some add information.

My foreskin of the penis is with several "white veins" looks like thick needle. They intersect other normal veins which are with blood. They are palpable and visible during erection or without. Other veins are like slightly thickened and redder. Do not hurt does not itch. Please make suggestions and help me because it make me nervous." I as dermatologist ,urologist, surgeon and looks like they have no idea. Add information: All this happened arr 3 weeks after hernia surgery. In the beginning I was taking Xalerto(40 days)and as per advice of one urologist I stopped take it. My result was INR=1.2 , protrombin time=13sek and most of ""white veins" disappeared. But later on after 10 days they come back in bigger number back. I was also using heparin ointment.But it made it sensitive.

Then I started to take Xakerto again and after 2 weeks there is no positive result.

Please be so kind and help me.

Best regards Stanley
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Foreskin Of Penis - Second Question, Request

Postby Binyamin » Sat Mar 11, 2017 6:22 pm


We are not allowed to make individual diagnoses or give specific treatment advice on this site; just answer general questions. Skin lesions on the genitalsame are particularly hard to reliably diagnose from just pictures or descriptions.

You should follow your local physicians advice. However, a few thoughts. The lesions seem to be related to your medication and are possibly vascular in nature. Laser treatment might be another option, but check with your locsl urologist.
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