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Final Pancreatic Cancer

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Final Pancreatic Cancer

Postby Kelven » Sun Feb 09, 2014 1:54 am

I'm a new comer to this and I've been searching for someplace to speak with people who may empathise with what I'm going right on through. Our Mother who's 73, had breast cancer 1 5 years previously and 2 times after being granted the all-clear she collapsed with obstructive jaundice. After many assessments etc she was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, a brand new principal with no regards to the breast cancer! Therefore in March she'd the entire Whipple procedure, m really did not feel she'd pull-through that whilst the tumor was inside the mind of the pancreas with extremely close prices towards the primary arteries. Following the op it was challenging on her to consume and keep any fat, she was because of begin chemo in January, sadly she was struggling with abdominal discomfort within the holiday time and she'd a CT-SCAN which revealed liver mets. That was 3 1/2 months before, she's currently ceased consuming and has refused chemo, which m total heartily backed her on. She's experienced so much emotionally and physically. The discomfort has become managed my fentinal areas and oramorph, she's not able to go because of her thighs swelling. She'd a hospital mattress shipped athome recently and she stated she's much more comfortable. I hate to see her suffering such as this and I'm driving up and down the nation as l live 6 hours away, I'm off on sick leave from work, but l also provide a household at home who I return to at week-ends. I am an exhausted psychological damage! Nevertheless, I've to cope with that one means or another, any aid and suggest could be greatly received.
Jules x
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Terminal Pancreatic Cancer

Postby Cassian » Wed Feb 19, 2014 12:09 pm

Hello jules. Our mother identified 3-week previously, possibly in an identical condition. Nearly collapsed with jaundice. Had a bile duct stent installed. It'd spread to liver however. While pressed the physicians believed 3-4 months to reside. It's hearbbreakin. I reside over the Irish Sea and have a household with small child, therefore I can't be there constantly. It's so hard planning when togo home. She's currently v fragile. Sleeps all of the evening in addition to the unusual hourapproximately. She's ascites. Appears 7 weeks pregnant. She's 78 and only5 rock 11. Although she's placed on 1stone in a week. But I suppose this really is all liquid. Whenever you understand the unavoidable, it's so difficult waiting. For me personally the toughest period was the analysis. I'll be troubled when she moves, she's my closest friend, but I don't need her to endure. Terrible occasions.
Get care.
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Terminal Pancreatic Cancer

Postby Norice » Fri Feb 21, 2014 11:31 am

Men I?m also a new comer to this. I?m sorry to listen to about both articles and I'm exactly the same

Mother was identified as having degree one breast cancer last year which she received chemo
and therapy for, in regards to a month before my mother discovered she couldn?t walk and was
breathless therefore the GP accepted her to clinic and following a CT-SCAN they discovered final
pancreatic cancer within the butt of the pancreas, they've explained and my bother
that it's spread to any or all the essential areas in her body. I had been much more surprised
To possess discovered the breast cancer she'd 4 years back had spread and
that it?s exactly the same tissues in the breast cancer and it?s experienced her body for 4
Decades. While you would ever guess I'm really Furious as I'm when they had completed the required
Inspections inside the 5 years they might have discovered it before it became another
cancer! My mother is 49 and I simply could?t genuinely believe that she's so youthful M
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Terminal Pancreatic Cancer

Postby Jeanelle » Sun Feb 23, 2014 10:05 pm

jules iam so sorry to listen to your story I'm in the identical scenario - my mother 74 identified as having stage 4 pancreatic cancer at christmas 2011, hers has now spread strongly to her bones and particularly her top vertibrae creating spinal-cord retention, she's now to the airbed you described and is completely parylised this has occurred quite quickly within about 3 months, she's being catheterized tomorrow due to 'accidents'.  I also am off sick right now with tension and today she's simply explained she really wants to die! Iam prepared to let her move today can not bear to see her suffering, cancer is really vicious i can just recommend you consider all the assistance you can from nurses physicians and obviously mcmillan and also family and friends and understand you're not by yourself, i desire you and your family all the best.  amanda x
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