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Fighting the symptoms of hypothyroidism (post-thyroidectomy)?

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Fighting the symptoms of hypothyroidism (post-thyroidectomy)?

Postby ahanu » Wed Jan 25, 2012 1:32 pm

I'm 21, and was diagnosed with papillary carcinoma (thyroid cancer) in December. Had surgery three days before Christmas, and was in the hospital for nearly a week due to my wacky calcium levels and the fact that my surgery ended up being more extensive than they had planned (they removed my entire thyroid, all the lymph nodes in my neck, and a small tumor as planned, but had to go in a bit more to remove some cancer tissue that was lower into my chest and took part of my shoulder muscle out which was being attacked). WHEW. Glad that part is over with, right? So now I am in between post-op appointments and checkups for my calcium and magnesium and TSH levels and whatnot, so I have a couple of weeks more to go before I can start the radioactive iodine treatment to rid my body of the remaining thyroid cells (cancer), and only after that can I start taking TSH replacement hormones for my now-absent thyroid.

The problem: my body is kicking into hypothyroid mode and, unlike in the couple of weeks after my surgery, I am really starting to feel it now. My energy levels have plummeted, I'm cold all of the time, gaining weight, feel foggy and moody and even sometimes erratic in my behavior. My muscles are sore as well, mainly in the shoulder/neck area where my surgery was located, and I've been having crazy dreams like you cannot imagine. My general doctor told me last week that this is normal and that I'm going to sort of "wilt" as my body is deprived of these TSH hormones.

I'm a college student and work part-time at a restaurant, and was in the process of transferring schools in the winter but called the school term off when all of this came up, so now I'm just working several days a week and trying to focus on dealing with this. My question I guess is, is there any way to fight these symptoms? I know I'll have to wait it out, so-to-speak, but coffee does little for me (I typically count on it as my godsend) and I'm trying to find alternative ways to rejuvenate myself but it's not working. It seems no matter how much I rest, I'm constantly at the same low-key energy level. Some people have said exercise helped them, but I can't even imagine doing anything close to that right now. Going for a brisk walk in my current state seems almost life-threatening! Hahaha. But, yeah. Anyone who's experienced this, did you find anything to be helpful? My next post-op appointment is in a week and after that the ball should start rolling, but in the meantime, dealing with my job alone is enough to drain me fast. Is there anything I can do that could help perk me up, even in the slightest?
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Fighting the symptoms of hypothyroidism (post-thyroidectomy)?

Postby werner75 » Wed Jan 25, 2012 1:44 pm

I think you'll have to suffer for the time being. Of course, the hormone you need is not available to the body.
You are very brave. You are fighting back nicely.

May Allaah bless you and help you!
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