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Feel like a tight band around upper stomach?

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Feel like a tight band around upper stomach?

Postby knocks » Mon Sep 05, 2011 7:05 am

I'm 14 and been feeling this for a long time..sometimes i get heart burn but just for a minute or more...sometimes the tightness is not that irritating. whenever i move the tightness would lessen but when i stop it be hard to breathe..it's hard for me to burp but after drinking a lot of water it'd be relief..is this hiatus hernia?they said that if it's not treated properly it may turn to cancer..if it is,what are the natural remedies?and yeah, i have anxiety disorders..thanks guys
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Feel like a tight band around upper stomach?

Postby prince » Mon Sep 05, 2011 7:07 am

It doesn't sound like a hiatus hernia, you would be able to see it as a lump and you would generally be in pain a lot. If it was it would help to lay on your back where the protrusion would "fall" back into the abdominal cavity.
It sounds like a "stitch" if its under the rib cage. it causes a tightness and a sharp pain which hurts more when you breath in and expand the ribcage?
It could also just be trapped wind which feels uncomfortable after eating or drinking a lot. If thats the case, a small amount of fizzy drink may help you to get rid of it as it will probably help you "burp".
And of course having anxiety disorders doesn't help, but try not to worry getting stressy causes muscles to contract which may also be what you are feeling - a tensing of the body.
If it carries on go and check with the gp :)
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Feel like a tight band around upper stomach?

Postby atzel » Mon Sep 05, 2011 7:12 am

I suffer from anxiety and it does sound like a symptom but there are loads lol. It could also be trapped wind, I get this sometimes when I'm feeling anxious and it can be really painful. Try not to over analyse it though because this will make you feel worse, I think you should visit your gp, your obviously worrying a lot about it, you should get it checked out just yo put your mind at rest and it's probably something really simple. Good luck and hope you get it sorted
Also have you talked to a gp about your anxiety?
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