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False Anti Smoking Ad?

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False Anti Smoking Ad?

Postby Eoforwic » Fri Sep 29, 2017 1:33 pm

My school has been hanging up these posters that are anti cigarette smoking. I agree that it is bad and raising awareness of the various dangers of smoking is a good idea, there's something that really pissed me off. I saw one student made poster (they're all student/faculty made, as in they're drawn with colored pencils) that said "100% of smokers get lung cancer!" Now I myself agree smoking is bad, but that is a complete ******* bullshit statistic. I'm wondering if I can simply say something about it next time the topic comes up, or if doing this is even allowed, because as a smoker it's been bugging me more than it should.
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False Anti Smoking Ad?

Postby Rahim » Fri Sep 29, 2017 1:44 pm

Yup, it's false all right.
Not all smokers get lung cancer.

You can be a non-smoker and get lung cancer due to family history/genetics.

And it all depends on how much one smokes as well.
I'm sure a heavy smoker would have a greater chance of getting lung cancer than a light smoker.
Also depends on lifestyle, exercising, eating, etc.

Lots of factors when it comes to lung cancer but to suggest that 100% of them will get lung cancer is really a stretch.

Then again, that's my opinion just like the posters you saw.
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