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Explain How This Prediction Came True This Year And How Japan Must Rebuild Their Physical And Economical Condi?

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Explain How This Prediction Came True This Year And How Japan Must Rebuild Their Physical And Economical Condi?

Postby Crispin » Sun Oct 01, 2017 3:49 am

Unfortunately, you didn't manage to type in the prediction.

Whatever it is, it's not really Japan's most pressing concern, I don't think.

The Japanese islands are in deep trouble, not from an economic standpoint though, at this point. (In my opinion.)

The islands are becoming radioactive thanks to that nuclear accident at Fukushima two years ago. They never stopped the meltdowns in those reactors. They are *still* leaking radiation into the groundwater, the air, and the ocean. Kids ~ yes, kids ~ are getting cancer already. The soil is getting more contaminated each day, not to mention the surrounding ocean, and of course the Japanese rely on seafood as part of their diet. (The radiation is spreading across the Pacific Ocean to where I live, in Seattle WA USA. We have already seen mutated marine life such as tadpoles with 5 misshapen legs and mutated plants. I can hardly imagine what they are seeing on the island of Japan.)


** Note: It appears that I 'got on my soapbox' with the rest of my answer. All of Japan is not really irradiated yet, but give it time. Here's an image of the vicinity of Fukushima where the problems are already starting to show up. http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-bUiEXgRXILA/Tg...


Yet the Prime Minister of Japan is being pressured by the big money nuclear industry to fire up the reactors all across the island again. (They were all shut down after the accident and should *stay* shut down, in my opinion.)

I personally think that Japan is going to become uninhabitable, sooner or later ~ probably sooner. The radiation levels in many parts of the country far exceed what they used to call 'acceptable'. What did the government do about that situation? They simply raised their printed figures for what are 'acceptable' levels of radiation. Tell that to the kid who has thyroid cancer at age 8 . . .

Japan's got a *lot* of problems ahead, again, in my opinion.

And that radiation is spreading around the world, so it's not like no one else is unaffected either.


And here's another graphic showing that even after only 2 years, Cesium-137 is showing up all across the island, at those supposedly 'acceptable' levels.

So how is that chart going to look after one more year?

Those plants, as I said, are *still* leaking radiation.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to stop it. It never was possible to stop it once the meltdowns occurred.
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Explain How This Prediction Came True This Year And How Japan Must Rebuild Their Physical And Economical Condi?

Postby Weorth » Sun Oct 01, 2017 4:00 am

You heard this from charlatans who invented those "predictions" after June 2003. The tsumani is the "prediction" it fairly is utilized in a ordinary action picture (to be launched with the help of Sony photographs), pronounced as -- what else -- "2012". The Mayans did no longer make any predictions. Their calendar grow to be no longer the main precise calendar interior the worldwide. as an occasion, they have the era of precession as 25,630 years while the authentic cycle is closer to twenty-5,800 years. that may not sound like a great difference to you, in spite of the undeniable fact that it makes them not extra precise than the chinese language, the Egyptians or the Greeks (the latter having calculated the cycle one thousand years formerly the Mayans). The Mayan civilization began to say no interior the 10th century (formerly the twelve months we call one thousand). the only quickly documented prediction they made bargains with an adventure they claimed could take place after the twelve months we call advert 4000. needless to say, they envisioned neither the worldwide nor their calendar to end. The Mayans do no longer communicate of chariots capturing out fire. Neither does Nostradamus. those allusions have been invented at the instant (after the tanks).
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