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Postby Veto » Sat Mar 11, 2017 5:30 pm

Stephen W. Leslie, MD



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Postby elya » Sat Mar 11, 2017 5:33 pm

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s concerning erectile dysfunction, kidney stones and prostate disorders including prostate cancer. I have a special interest in kidney stone disease prevention.

Experience in the areaFull time practicing urologist with 30 years experience. Associate Professor of Surgery and Chief of Urology at Creighton University Medical Center. Editor in Chief of eMedicine Urology internet textbook. Author of only NIH approved book written for patients by a urologist on the subject of kidney stones "The Kidney Stones Handbook". Inventor of the "Parachute" and "Escape" kidney stone baskets and the "Calculus" stone prevention analysis computer program.

OrganizationsAmerican Urological Association, Ohio State Medical Association, Sexual Medicine Society

PublicationsMen's Health, Journal of Urology, Urology, Healthwatch Magazine, Emergency Medicine Monthly, eMedicine, "The Kidney Stones Handbook", and numerous articles in various newspapers. He is also the editor of the Urology Board Review by McGraw-Hill used by urologists to study for their Board Certification Examinations.

Education/CredentialsGraduate of New York Medical College with residencies completed at Metropolitan Hospital New York, Albany Medical Center and University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Awards and HonorsThirlby Award of the American Urological Association. Rated as one the country's Best Urologists by the Independent Consumer's Research Institute Average Ratings

Knowledgeability 9.82Clarity of Response 9.75Politeness 9.90Response Time(hr) 13.8Response Time(hr, last 90 days) 4.6Number of s Today 0Max s to be Asked in a Day 10Total s(since joining AllExperts) 20685Volunteer Since 2002-09-14Prestige Points 177948 Recent Reviews from Users

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Postby Fingall » Sat Mar 11, 2017 5:34 pm

s from Stephen W. Leslie, MD

2017-03-10 Stone Prevetion Diet:Charles    24 hour urine tests are notoriously difficult to interpret. There is no conflict withave reducing salt or drinking more water. Calcium and dairy need to be moderate: not too much and not too

2017-03-10 Stone Prevetion Diet:Charles    That is the wrong question. First it is necessary to identify the chemical risk factors via a 24 hour urine collection test for stone prophylaxis such as "Litholink". This will identify those

2017-03-07 Blood supply:Cameron    The blood supply to the penis is primarily from the internal pudendal artery which is one of the main branches of the internal iliac artery   This is not going to mean much unless you look at

2017-03-04 Phimosis:AG    This can cause repeated knfections and make sex painful. The foreskin can get pulled back accidentally and start strangling the head as it tightens. This is called paraphimosis.     Best solution

2017-03-04 LET IT FLOW:Cameron    You have to be kidding. Is it not obvious that if you have higher fluid intake you will probably make more urine?    The kidneys regulate blood pressure and blood volume. If you drink more,  Ask A
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