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Dog May Need A Liver Biopsy

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Dog May Need A Liver Biopsy

Postby Jasmin » Thu Feb 04, 2016 10:57 am

I have a 5 year old American pit bull terrier.  I found out from our vet that his ALT level should be between 10 and 100.   3 months ago we found that his ALT level was 480.  We did a liver test which proved negative.  We were told to put him on antibiotics and we did.   2 months Later we took him into the vet for another test and his level was 890. Im not sure what the ALT level is but the vet made it sound important. We were told to take him to the vet hospital to have an ultrasound done.  We took him into the veterinary hospital for an ultrasound which cost $500, and they found that his liver looked fine but because the ALT level was so high, the liver was being damaged but was in the early stages and could be remedied if treated within the next few months.  They said, depending on what was wrong with him, we would most likely not see any signs of illness for a long time, possibly a year to 5 years.   We were told that we would need to do a liver biopsy to find out what is causing the liver damage. Until the biopsy can be done we will need to keep him on liver pills  which will cost $300 a month.  The biopsy will cost between $1700 and $3000. That is only to find out what is causing the liver damage.  Once we find out what the cause is, which can range from hepatitis to cancer to a major infection…than we will have to treat that also.   I want to give him the treatment that he needs but we are looking at upwards of $5000.  We have applied for 2 loans but were denied because of our poor credit.  We will be putting both of our dogs on medical insurance however the insurance will not cover the liver disease because it is a prior illness.  So far everything we have done has come back normal.    I’m afraid that we will do this liver biopsy and everything will come back normal and will all be a waste. We would appreciate any advice that you can offer.  
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Dog May Need A Liver Biopsy

Postby Blakelie » Fri Feb 05, 2016 8:26 am

I'm sorry, but this is beyond my expertise as it requires more medical knowledge than I have. Here is a site that discusses high ALT levels, with responses by a veterinarian that may be helpful: http://www.vetinfo.com/dalkphos.html

There is an organization called IMOM.org which offers financial aid to some people who cannot afford medical care for their pets. http://www.imom.org/  
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