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Does This Make My Bf Gay?

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Does This Make My Bf Gay?

Postby Rique » Wed Oct 11, 2017 5:39 am

He always asks me for nudes and tells me I'm sexy and pretty and hot etc and tells me about what he fantasizes about (sexually between us) but then he told me that he has always wanted to know what anal sex with another guy feels like. Like he asked me if I would get a dick if I could and when I said no he asked why then I said it wouldn't go with the rest of my body and he said so? Does this make him gay or is he still straight?
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Does This Make My Bf Gay?

Postby leofric » Wed Oct 11, 2017 5:40 am

He could be totally straight and just fantasizing. I doubt it.
Maybe he just wants to perk you up a bit.
Nothing "makes" your bf gay.
He's your boyfriend, not mine, so you have to figure it out.
If he's willing to be so open with you, perhaps you might consider he is bisexual, in which case he will sooner or later cheat on you with another dude.

I think every straight guy might think what sex with another guy might be like, whether they think it's yucchy or not.
It's cool that he is so open with you so he's not gay but might be bisexual.

Never give anybody nude pics as you know they will appear on the internet for us all to see eventually.
I can see it now.
Your pic with his caption: "This is the slut I dumped so I could suck dixks."

Hello, dump him.
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Does This Make My Bf Gay?

Postby Kaarle » Wed Oct 11, 2017 5:42 am

Um .... Good enough individuals .... She says he is 16 years old. A larger danger is there that he was once with no trouble being a sixteen 12 months historical boy and was curious. I've obvious adult males his age go to violent loss of life websites (considering the fact that they have been into gorey crap and it can be morbid and so are youngsters, most often) .. But it did not make them a serial killer. A young male could go to a homosexual web site for a lot of factors ... Together with to be taught the human form in an inventive approach as opposed to to oogle homosexual guys. Lol c'mon ... This guy may just very good be a flawlessly normal curious younger male. If he is bought a girlfriend at 16 years historic, i would be inclined to wager that's the case given that an terrible lot of gay adult males don't have girlfriends at sixteen .. They're too busy both being homosexual .. Or masking it up with one million different matters. My question is, does your relationship seem severe or do you get about 4 mins of his time and none of his awareness? And my other question can be ... Why are you asking a bunch of men and women who do not know your guy to make a judgement call on him ... While you do understand him? People can let you know "Oh yeah, he's deffinately homosexual" .. After which that you would be able to destroy up .. After which you'll discover him with the prettiest woman in university per week later because you broke his coronary heart and she or he fixed it for him. Ask him. And don't be a snot about it. If he's ... So what? It is now not like homosexual is the worst factor on the earth. Just right luck hon .. To both of you. :)
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Does This Make My Bf Gay?

Postby Glen » Wed Oct 11, 2017 5:46 am

As long as he's attracted to women, he's straight. As far as I can see, he merely wants to try anal sex. Get him a dildo and try it out. Maybe you even like doing him with a dildo or even going as far as using a strap-on. He wouldn't be the first straight guy to enjoy some bum-fun and surely not the last.
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Does This Make My Bf Gay?

Postby Chananiah » Wed Oct 11, 2017 5:48 am

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Does This Make My Bf Gay?

Postby Santo » Wed Oct 11, 2017 5:50 am

He's not gay maybe a bi guy who likes anal /prostrate stimulation, why not get a strap on penis and give him the ride of his life just go easy at first and use loads of water based lube or he won't sit gown for days. I'm a bi guy and an older female lover used to do this to me when I was age 23.
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Does This Make My Bf Gay?

Postby Jarren » Wed Oct 11, 2017 5:53 am

No, having sex with men would make him gay.

He certainly sounds a little bi-curious though. Only time will tell.
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