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Does this make me a psychopath?

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Does this make me a psychopath?

Postby hadwin » Fri May 17, 2013 1:32 pm

I think there is a couple of points to be made. You father is dying of a horrible disease and you dont like being touched. The latter says to me that you are from a family that doesnt effectively express love, affection or closeness to each other. If you mother doesnt make a habit of physical affection it will feel strange, even unpleasant to you. The fact that your dad is dying may mean that he is "not there" for you either and while he has a legitimate excuse not to be it doesnt help you feel a sense of attachment to family members. You may have a hard time feeling anything about your Dad becasue you are "distancing" yourself emotionally so you dont feel anything. Usually any dad is better then no dad when you are very young. I also wouldnt be surprised if your mother focus'es most of her attention on her dying husband rather then you - which is understandable but doesnt foster in you a sense of your importance in the family unit. How we are treated in the family affects how we connect with people outside of the family group. You may struggle to make an emotional connection with your peers becasue it has never been modelled properly for you at home. On the other hand it is reasonable for you to have little sense of connection to your friends if they have nothing in common with you at this point in your life. So, are you a psychopath? I doubt it very much.. I think you are a confused teen trying to cope with a very unpleasant situation all on your own. What I think would be of help to you is to talk to either a school counsellor, a trusted teacher, a trusted relative (not living at home with you - like a grandma or uncle) or a trusted pastor and see what they think.
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