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Do You Go In For A Regular Screen Of Testicular Cancer?

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Do You Go In For A Regular Screen Of Testicular Cancer?

Postby Dion » Mon Oct 02, 2017 8:10 pm

they use an ultrasound to check. i was checked for this cancer right after my 18th birthday but it turned out i didnt have it. they use an ultrasound instead because it allows docs to see the inside of the scrotum better. factors that increase somebodys chances of having it are a history of undescended testicles and it is also more commonly found in white people. it is the rarest of almost all cancers, is the most curable, and usually happens to people who are 17 to 39. it usually wont effect someones ability to reproduce or make some one have low testosterone from what i hear because the testicle that wasnt infected fully compensates and goes into overdrive for the testicle that was removed. i forgot to mention earlier the cancer infected testicle is almost always removed by a surgeon, but like i said before it is a rare cancer and it shouldnt effect someones man hood because most likely the person will still be able to have sex,grow hair, and work out. it is very important this someone yu are talking about gets checked out by a doctor soon as possible so the possible cancer dos not spread IT IS VERY IMPORTANT. i hope and pray who ever this will be okay
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