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Do I Need Math For Psychology? Help?

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Do I Need Math For Psychology? Help?

Postby evian » Tue Oct 10, 2017 9:45 am

So basically I'm doing my first year or A levels. I plan on being a Psychiatrist or a Psychologist but I'm not really sure weather ill need math or not. I'm doing 4 subjects which are Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Psychology. I plan on dropping Physics for A2 (Second year of A levels). Anyways my main question is do i need Math? I know there is no math in Psychology except for statistics and what exactly is that? If its reading graphs and measuring % its all good.

I can do math privately but then ill have to do be doing 5 subjects until my first year of A levels and i don't think i can handle that.

Are the subjects I've chosen okay?

Ideas? Thoughts? Recommendations ?

Oh and Whats Med school like?


Thank you

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Do I Need Math For Psychology? Help?

Postby Danilo » Tue Oct 10, 2017 9:54 am

Absolutely will you need math!

Statistics you will surely need because if you're designing a clinical trial, you need to know how large of a population to study, how to compare groups, etc.; you'll need the high-powered stuff.

Also, you'll need calculus because, if you're going to be a psychiatrist, you'll be able to prescribe medicine (psychologists don't do that), so you'll need to know how it breaks down in the body, at what rate it is absorbed, what does is needed to keep a certain amount in the bloodstream, and so on.
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