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Do I Have Lung Cancer & What Now To Diagnose?

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Do I Have Lung Cancer & What Now To Diagnose?

Postby Frayne » Mon Oct 09, 2017 9:55 pm

Basically, I have a pneumonia like symtoms that does not go away(chest pain on one particular spot & coughing).

About 8 yrs ago, I had a stage 3 colon cancer with 3 of 7 nymph nodes affected. I went thru surgery, chemo and radiation later.

About 3 yrs ago, I had a bowel surgery because of bowel obstruction and since then, I have felt tired easily mostly because of bowel obsorption problem.

About 2 yrs ago on Dec 31, 2007, the doctor at the hospital emergency dept told me that an X-ray and CT scan showed that I had a pneumonia after I complained of having chest pain on my top left lung and hard of breathing for a few days.

Since that pneumonia, I had at least 4 above similar pneumonia-like symptoms (chest pain up breathing and low fever), that lasted for 6 weeks or more. I went back to see my personal physician twice - one last november and one last week. My doctor examined me and told me that my lungs were clear, and an x-ray in both times were "clear".

I remain skeptical because my doctor told me for two years 9 yrs ago that I only had a irritable bowel syndrome, before later determined to be a colong cancer.

I hate to check into the emergency dept here after my doctor keeps telling me that the xray shows my lungs are "clear", or have another CT scan with the junk injected into my vein for the scan...

What can I do? I have this chest pain on my upper left lung (same painful spot as in previous incidents) for over 8 weeks now.
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Do I Have Lung Cancer & What Now To Diagnose?

Postby Daunte » Mon Oct 09, 2017 9:59 pm

diagnosis for lung maximum cancers could be accomplished with a needle biopsy. counting on what degree the main cancers is in, you're able to have the thoughts for surgical operation, chemotherapy, and/or radiation treatments. there is not any treatment for many cancers. A tumor could be bumped off surgically and you will desire to desire they have been given all of it. A tumor could be stored from turning out to be with chemo and radiation, and each from time to time the tumor will die. All of those treatments are actually not treatments, they basically have a gamble of quickly making the main cancers dormant, and/or dissolving the tumor, inspite of the undeniable fact that, it always comes lower back.
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Do I Have Lung Cancer & What Now To Diagnose?

Postby Warren » Mon Oct 09, 2017 10:00 pm

you should go to a&e as they can sort it quickly it could just be stress that can cause symptoms u describe
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Do I Have Lung Cancer & What Now To Diagnose?

Postby Harrison » Mon Oct 09, 2017 10:02 pm

you appear to have certain symtoms of lung cancer, as per the following handout from the cdn lung association:

A cough that doesn't go away and gets worse over time

Chest pain that doesn't go away

Coughing up blood

Feeling short of breath


Losing your voice (hoarseness)

Getting sick with pneumonia and bronchitis a lot

Swollen neck and face

Not hungry, losing weight without trying

Feeling tired

The only way to tell whether u have lung cancer is, CT scan or MRI or Positron emission tomography, if the x-ray cannot definitely tell you.
As the x-ray could not comfort you and you still have this chest pain for the pst 2 yrs, as the consequent of having a lung cancer can be serious to you (making u a stage 4 cancer patient), and as u dont want CT scan, maybe u should have an MRI which is less invasive than CT scan.
You may also have a 2nd medical opinion.

Good luck.
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Do I Have Lung Cancer & What Now To Diagnose?

Postby Holt » Mon Oct 09, 2017 10:23 pm

i am sorry for your bad health and frightening inaccurancies with the health department but I will get to the point about lung cancer.

Cause- Smoking causes 90% of all lung cancers, but this effect is ussually delayed untill the patient is 55 yrs or older. Other causes of lung cancer include asbestos dust, irradiation and chrome dust.Types of lung cancer vary depending on the type of cell affected, the common types include-

Squamous cell carcimona- a relatively common form, sypmtoms occur early, it doubles in size every 3 months on average and spreads early to lymph nodes.

Oat cell (small cell) carsimona- far more serious, doubles every month on average, spreads rapidly to other body parts and are almost impossible to cure.

Adenocarcinomas and large cell carsimonas- deveolp at the edge of the lung, are not easily detected, doubles in size every 3 months, and spread easily to other far away body parts.

Secoundary cancers- spread of other cancers to the lung. These cancers are not caused by smoking and the treatment involves the lung cacer and the primary cancer. There are other rarer types of cancer i have not mentioned.

Symptoms- early- weight loss, persistant cough, change from a normal cough,coughing blood, worsening breathlessness.

Advanced symptoms- loss of appetite, chest pain, hoarsness, enlarged tender lymph nodes in the armpit.

One quarter of patients have NO symptoms.

Diagnosed by- Chest xrays, CT scans, sputum examination. Occasionally a tumour biopsy is nesecciated.


Major surgery, irradiation, potent drugs,. Radiatiion may be an option to shrink the tumour.

Complications- Secoundary cancers, tp bone and brain.

Prognosis- only 10% of patients survive more than 5 years. Those with oat cell ussually succumb in a year, and squamous types live on average a little longer.

Darling your healthis IMPORTANT, mistakes happen all the time. You have suffered in the past and you don't have to again for no reason. Seek a secound opinion, do not let your health suffer nonetheless for any reason because a doc told you is was A OK when you clearly do not personally agree with him.

SEEK a secound opinion. You cannot lose out either way. You have your rights. I understand your fears.Possibly have a close family member or friend to go with you for support and extra bravado. GOOD LUCK.
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