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Do I Have Grounds To Sue For Malpractice?

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Do I Have Grounds To Sue For Malpractice?

Postby Dremidydd » Wed Apr 19, 2017 12:52 pm


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Do I have grounds to file for malpractice?

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What is wrong with me?

History......26 year old female. Diagnosed with herpes from an ex boyfriend who knew he had it and didn't tell me....what a dick.....but it is what it is. Had one sore 5 years ago took valtrex for 2 years nothing since. I am happily married for 3 years with a very understanding hubby ...same partner for 4 years.......life was good.....until a week ago.

I was in the shower washing my genital region....and on my inner right butt cheek (crack) to the right of my peronium area I feel this large flat nearly perfect circle lesion which in the mirror appears mostly smooth flesh colored with a dark ring and the lesion is slightly raised.

I went to my obgyn and the dr was booked so I had to see the nurse practitioner. She said that to her it looked like a genital wart.......great. So she gave me a script for this aldara cream that u put on 3 times per week and told me if it is still there when I come back for my annual she will zap it off with some acid. Ummm..ok.

So anyways after the third application I suddenly had my first outbreak of herpes...in 5 years. I had one sore for my first outbreak on my vulva...took valtrex for 2 years to suppress the herpes and have had no issues.......then I put this cream and bam! What my nurse practitioner didn't tell me is that this cream can awaken dormant herpes....great.....

So I went back to see the actual dr at the obeys today about it because the herpes has like 3 sores and it really hurts. So she got me back on the valtrex and told me to stop using the cream and proceeded to examine this so called wart. She said to her that it does not appear to be a wart.....but something else...possibly a precancerous lesion or who knows what. So...in two weeks after my herpes flare subsides...I go back for a gluteal punch biopsy on this lesion. Doc said its approx 3 cm...and she can see how the nurse practitioner thought it might be a wart because it's no perfectly flat.....but she wants to get it biopsied.

My husband nor I have cheated on each other......and both understand if it's hpv...we will deal with it...but if the doc doesn't think this is a wart..what else could it be? Any ideas? I have to wait 2 weeks to get the biopsy and it's gonna be a long wait..even longer waiting for the results. I'm so worried and what are the chances this is something life threatening?? She said if its something precancerous they can do a wide excision and remove it...but...she looks concerned....... This is such a nightmare. It's bad enough I never got a choice to get herpes by an asshole who admittedly knew he had it after I got a sore 5 years ago......then I hurt my back 3 years ago gains a crap ton of weight as a result..finally quit smoking cigarettes this past January and finally finished physical therapy for my back and I am now taking kick boxing to lose weight and I love it...and now this happens....I feel like such an emotional mess right now....

If the biopsy comes back as something other than a genital wart as the doctor suspects.......and the nurse practitioner prescribed me a medication for genital warts that is known to outbreak dormant herpes ....and did not even offer to put me on suppressive therapy and now my herpes will be worse for life....will I have grounds for a lawsuit?

Herpes is rarely ever worse than the first outbreak. I had one sore for my first outbreak....and spent so much time on suppressive therapy so I could lead an overall normal life.....herpes maps in the nerves so if it ever comes back it comes back usually to the same spot.....now I have 3 sores...and it will likely come back to those 3 spots....so in a way this nurse practitioner contributed to making a disease that I have to carry fr the rest of my life even worse.....I even experienced cold chills....flu like symptoms...aches in my neck and head......never even had that with my first outbreak years ago.

7 minutes ago - 1 week left to answer.

Additional Details

Nor did the nurse practitioner warn me that this cream used to treat the then supposed wart could outbreak my herpes. The lesion is way bigger than any wart....it looks nothing like a wart. I have pictures. The doctor did say she could see how the nurse practitioner could have mistook it for a wart but in my opinion if the nurse practitioner wasn't completely sure of the diagnosis.....she should have had the doctor look at it...and now she's caused me worse problems to deal with the rest of my life. I can't even go to the gym right now because of the severity of this outbreak being painful to walk.

4 minutes ago
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Do I Have Grounds To Sue For Malpractice?

Postby Macklyn » Wed Apr 19, 2017 12:59 pm

The only way you will know if you have a malpractice would be to contact a malpractice attorney.
Get all your records to present .
I don?t see that the case would be strong enough for anyone to take it on contingent of a win?but again get the recommendation of a good malpractice attorney.

Aldara can weaken the immune system.
I can see that it could contribute to a herpes outbreak.
Aldara is a good treatment for the virus.
It helps the body fight the virus.
Most warts do not look anything like the pictures on the internet.
Aldara can also cause a larger irritation of the area?and aldars is used for other skin cancers.
I am not saying that the use of Aldara was bad..I am just stating that it is used?

The biopsy is the only way to know 100% what you are dealing with.

I had a lesion, spot whatever..on the pubis mons of my vulva.
I didn?t look anything like any pictures on the internet.
I asked my GYN to look at it and she made an appointment for it to be removed.
The day of the appointment?she stated she just didn?t know.
I made an appointment with a dermatologist that was also a dermatologist oncologist.
She looked at but stated it needed to go?she did a total excision of the spot and it was carcinoma in situ positive for high risk HPV types.

You might want to try Epsom baths?this often makes our low genital area feel better.
Ice insulated in a towel?and warm tea bags on the area often aid in our discomfort.

I do understand what you are going through is not good.
I have been in your shoes not knowing and not understanding all that was going on in my lower genital region.
The wait is very difficult.
I had a total hysterectomy before the hysterectomy I had never had an abnormal Pap test.
My hysterectomy was done for non cervical issues, severe endo, fibroid, ovarian cysts bleeding that was so heavy I had to bring a change of clothes to work each day.
One year post total hysterectomy I was diagnosed with VaIN 2/3(vaginal high risk HPV).
I had a LEEP about 16 months the virus was still at severe another LEEP was done.
Several months later I had vulva issues that were never determined?.the discomfort drove me crazy.
The almost 3 years after all this the diagnosis of VIN (vulva) CIS.
I followed up with a chemo cream that burned and irritated?for 6 months.
During the time of all this other issues were diagnosed and I was placed on long term prednisone use?which weakens the immune system?and can cause the virus to progress.
I was later taken off prednisone due to HPV.

My situation is not the same as yours?but the events of waiting?the questionable med use?and the discomfort is the same.
It is very difficult to prove and pursue a malpractice case.
It usually takes years and lots of $$$ to make the case.

It is good that you no longer smoke and I know the kick boxing does strengthen your immune system.
I wish you well.
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