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Dizzy, stomach pain, throat spasms and contriction, swelling of subglotis?

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Dizzy, stomach pain, throat spasms and contriction, swelling of subglotis?

Postby kulbart » Thu Sep 15, 2011 3:21 pm

Dizzy, stomach pain, throat spasms and contriction, swelling of subglotis?
Hi everyone. This is a mystery to me and my doctors. So anyone who wants to be a doctor, is in med school or is a doctor, post your guesses and I'll answer when I have a response.

Here are my symptoms FOR THE PAST 6 WEEKS:
1.Dizzy spells (about 2 a week) and occastional vertigo (less than 1 a week)
2. Stomach pains- wrenching, twisting; most of the day; does not change in correspondence to diet changes (I haven't had caffine, chocolate, coffee, tomatoes, any sauces in 6 weeks and am on a low-fat, low fiber, low sugar, low wheat diet because they do not know what I have)
3. Headaches- occasional migranes- I take no pain medication for it.
4. Pulsations of the knee (as in the front- like knee cap), neck (both sides) and inner elbow (not contstantly only when not moving
5. Throat Constriction and esphasgous spasms (I've had to go to the ER due to hyperventalition because of the spasms where they administer albutercol [a tranquilizer- 1/2 mg] to calm the spasms- happened twice in past 6 weeks)
6. Nausea- continuous, aggravated by certain smells (like citrus fruit, coffee and BBQ), sometimes causes lack of appitite
7. Bruising more easily and more severly

I've done two courses of amoxycillian (12 days each- 3 times a day)
I've tried Zantac for 17 days and it made everything more severe. Taken of zantac and told to take tums 6 times a day (2 tablets) IF IT HELPS, it doesn't so I haven't used it more than 5 days after prescribed.
Blood tests are negative for allergies (including gluten allergy), Epstien Barr (EBV), mono, strep--4 times each.
Endoscopy showed irrated stomach lining, esophagous and subglotis.
Throat is red, not sore, however feels constricted.
ENT said it is not from Ear Nose or Throat.
Pulmonologist said lung function is above normal and no allergies and no pulmonary hypertention.
GI- preformed endoscopy and ultrasound (inflammed but nothing else)
Internist- sent for metabolic tests (pancreatic enzymes are all elevated--especially amylase)
Cardiologist- heart is working perfectly, no water around heart.

I have LOW blood pressure, normal pulse, LOW cholesterol, LOW-not too low- blood sugar.

The stomach pains, which are wrenching and twisting in nature, are in the center of my torso (below my rib cage) and also to the left of the place in the center. From what the GI doctor tells me, that is either the pancreas or the stomach.

Also, I have been fatigued and over tired. I have fallen asleep while exercising and have been forced to give up exercising (its been 4 out of the 6 weeks that I haven't exercised--I usually ran 3 miles a day and worked out at the gym (weight lifiting) twice a week before). I haven't gained or lost much weight.

Also, I am a female weighing 147 (or so) at 5 feet 6 inches. I am aged between 18-25 (I rather not give my exact age, thank you for understanding).

The most powerful and annoying symptoms (also the most continuous) are the ABDOMEN PAINS, THROAT CONSTRICTION and the NAUSEA.

Thank you in advance for all your suggestions. And please don't write go to a symptom checker website. I would like to have human input. I do have the ability to check those websites; however, i chose not to because they are not the product of an expirence of an illness/symptoms or education in medicine.

Also, there is no possibility of me being pregnant. I am not married and have not participacipated in any form of sexual acts, of course kissing is excluded.

I have also had x rays of the abdomen with normal results.

I do not have cancer of the throat, tounge, esophogus, stomach, uterus, ovaries, or blood. The biopsy results turned up negative, so far. THANK GOODNESS!

I have a normal white blood cell count- so my body is not fighting an infection- at least that is what the doctor's think.

No one has displayed symptoms like mine who have spent time with me (therefore, the doctors have inferred it is not contagious).

I have not had a fever, yet, in the past 6 weeks.

I have been hospitalized for rehydration (through ringer's lactate) for 2 days and 1 night because I was dehydrated at the beggining of this (6 weeks ago) where it began with migrane, bloodshot eyes, dehydration and dizzy spells. I was admitted and watched overnight.
3 days ago - 5 days left to answer.
Additional Details
The reason anxiety is not what the doctors are looking for is because I have physical symptoms that show inflammation of different organs and tenderness when physically examed. Also, they tried antianxiety medications that didn't work.
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Dizzy, stomach pain, throat spasms and contriction, swelling of subglotis?

Postby clarance » Thu Sep 15, 2011 3:26 pm

I have the same symptoms/problems and tests...the doc's say I'm fine but I don't feel fine. They did find that I have a bacterial overgrowth in my small intestine (SIBO) but treatment for that is not helping.
I think it is a fungal infection and HPV.
Do you do have a common rash called tinea cruris (athletes foot/jock itch). If so, try a regimen of topical treatment, as well as a short course of antigungal agent by mouth (fluconazole). It is possible to get fungal infections from kissing and they can spread to your stomach lining as well. This helped me a bit. Another thing is allergy meds... I take benadryl and claritin which seems to help.
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