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Difference Between Chemical, Aerospace, And Civil/environmental Engineering?

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Difference Between Chemical, Aerospace, And Civil/environmental Engineering?

Postby frederick18 » Tue Sep 19, 2017 8:54 pm

CHEMICAL: has to do with doing chemistry on a industrial scale.

--> EX: designing process for placing polymer coating on autoparts, designing gas seperator for oil field module, designing water treatment building. Requires excellent knowledge of chemistry and mechanical engineering w/ a fairly ok grip on electrical fundamentals. Considered to be one of the most difficult engineering degrees (equal to or slightly less as hard as electrical)

AEROSPACE: don't know very much about it. But what I know is that it has to do with designing planes and any kind of aviation equipment

CIVIL: desiging roads/bridges, water distribution/piping systems, evaluating soils for strength and porosity and clay content, designing waste water treatment, structural design, foundation design and concrete (CE's know tons about concrete =P)

ENVIRONMENTAL:......most engineers don't think environmental engineers are 'real engineers' - I kind of agree.....and to be honest I don't know to much about it. They do things like take water, air and soil samples and analys levels of compounds/pollutants. As far as I know they don't really do any real engineerign other than checking emissions levels and water filtration type stuff. It is relevant though; asbestos is a naturally occuring mineral that you don't want to be breathing - I heard of a place out in rural alaska were they wanted to build a small airport, one problem, there happened to be a ton of asbestos naturally occuring in the soil. They sent a team of environmental engineers to analyse and find out exactly what the effect of putting in an airport and digging up the ground for a runway = dust blowing, what amount would get in the air, expected affects et cetera.

ELECTRICAL:.....if you want to be an electrical engineer - you WILL have to LOVE math and be really good at physics. they design power grids, electrical systems for building, power plants and power generation backup systems. Electronics engineers do things like design computer hardware, cellphones and other misc. electronics. Electrical is considered by most to be the hardest engineering degree

hope this helps
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Difference Between Chemical, Aerospace, And Civil/environmental Engineering?

Postby Eadward » Tue Sep 19, 2017 8:55 pm

Civil Engineering has to do with construction, mostly on roads.
i believe they are the dude with the measurement thing on the tripod you might have seen them passing by a site.
Aerospace has to do with aircraft how they react in the air etc.. if your marks are high enough you could always land a job with NASA.
as for other errr.....
this is the worst place to ask them questions.
they are all very different jobs.
go on wiki and read up on them.
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Difference Between Chemical, Aerospace, And Civil/environmental Engineering?

Postby Jerel » Tue Sep 19, 2017 9:20 pm

there is not any distinction in any respect - it is only trend. the well known call is aerospace engineering, reflecting the two plane and different factors including astronautics and missiles. notwithstanding, the 'previous' aeronautical stages tended to incorporate those besides. over the final 2 many years, maximum aeronautical stages have had the call replaced to aerospace. genuinely, i do no longer think of there's a single degree programme right here interior the united kingdom that maintains to be referred to as by employing the previous version of the call/ a significant distinction, nevertheless, is aerospace systems engineering, which tend to concentration extra on the systems area - treating an plane as a set of integrated systems. those many times incorporate extra on the administration and electronics (avionics) and much less on the robotically based matters. i desire this now solutions your question totally.
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