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Crackling in lungs, thick throat, feeling short of breath?

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Crackling in lungs, thick throat, feeling short of breath?

Postby bernardino » Sun Aug 14, 2011 9:02 pm

I've recently been to the doctor complaining of 'Shortness of breath', pains in my chest , back and shoulders. It all felt that it was on the left lung. He checked my breathing, chest and back with a stethoscope, pulse, blood pressure, oxygen saturation etc. He said that the crackling was on both lungs, blood pressure was fine, pulse was fine and my oxygen saturation was 99% which is 'extremely good' and indicates that I'm not actually 'short of breath'. He told me it was fluid on the lungs and it would clear up on its own as it is viral.

I'm a 25 year old ex smoker. I'm normally fit and healthy with no other health problems. My problem is that I feel 'short of breath' while I'm sitting down rather than with activity. It feels like something is squashing my chest and making me short of breath. My husband and parents think that its all in my head, as I can go for a few days feeling fine then its back again. I've woke up this morning with a thick throat with mucous that I can't clear away. Searching for symptoms on the net is just scaring me as its telling me that I'm basically dying of one thing or another from pneumonia, lung cancer, heart failure etc. I don't have a cough or chest pain.

I don't want to keep running back and forwards to the doctors as I feel like I'm wasting their time and my own as I have a 2 year old son and have to make arrangements for him while I'm back and forwards to the doctors, but they won't do anything except advise me to 'rest' (a bit hard with a 2 year old), drink plenty and take pain killers - except I'm not in any pain except for an odd sharp pain in my back but its on the right side rather than the left, its just annoying and I feel like crap with it. I'm fine when I'm walking about, doing housework, carrying my son/shopping etc. I'm fine while I'm lying down and am sleeping fine, so don't think anything is 'blocking' my lungs. Its a bit better than what it was as when it started I felt like I couldn't get a proper deep breath in my left lung, but I can now.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated as I'm starting to think that I'm going crazy and everyone else seems to think the same. I'm better than what I was but its not completely gone. I don't know whether to go back to the doctors and ask for antibiotics, but think they may refuse as they don't work on viruses. Its been 4 weeks since it started and feel 50% better but know that its still there. Do I give it a little bit longer and persevere with taking cold and flu remedies and warm drinks?

Thanks in advance
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Crackling in lungs, thick throat, feeling short of breath?

Postby chitto » Sun Aug 14, 2011 9:03 pm

If it has been that long, maybe you should get a second opinion. You didn't mention fevers, chills, night sweats.. I am assuming these do not exist? Antibiotics will not do anything as you know, and it would be foolish to take them even if your doctor gave them to you seeing as whatever is going on with you is "viral"
Have you been exposed to anything new? Have they done a chest x-ray? Its hard to give a definitive answer when there isn't much to go on.
Trust your body. If you are still getting short of breath while just sitting there, it might be time to get a second opinion.
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