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Could Anyone Answer This Question On My Lipoma? (lump)?

Melanoma and Skin Cancer Discussion

Could Anyone Answer This Question On My Lipoma? (lump)?

Postby Hilton » Fri Oct 06, 2017 2:40 pm

i found out about 7-8 months ago i had a lipoma located under my left side of my ribcage.When i first went to the doctors to get it checked out it was about the size of small bottle cap. My doctor told me if it got any bigger to go back to her to check it out.So over the next 2 months it got about 2cm bigger so i went down and it was nothing to worry. So Now after 4-5 months its after getting ALOT bigger i no it only a harmless fatty lump but now i can feel it moving around and it makes a loud clicking noise when i feel it. Its not sore or anything it just bothers me knowing its growing and switching positions now. My question is do you think i should go back to my doctor? I Mean i know in some cases they have to be removed if they are a certain size or causing you discomfort but i dont want to spend alot of money going to get it checked out if theres nothing wrong again. Any information or storys you have on this 'Lipoma' would be much appreciated ...Thanks :)
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Could Anyone Answer This Question On My Lipoma? (lump)?

Postby Taren » Fri Oct 06, 2017 2:49 pm

Hi, TBH I hadn't even heard of a Lipoma until reading your question.

However, I have just done a Google search and found lots of information.

To confirm my understanding, it is non-cancerous (benign), usually just unsightly but can cause pressure on nerves etc. As a general rule best ignored. However, ensure your doctor is correct that it's a benign lump. And if you wish it to be removed, the operation is simple and under local anethestic.

To conclude, if you are confident the doctor is correct, and it doesn't particularly bother you, I'd say just leave it.

Hope I've helped some....
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Could Anyone Answer This Question On My Lipoma? (lump)?

Postby marven » Fri Oct 06, 2017 2:55 pm

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Could Anyone Answer This Question On My Lipoma? (lump)?

Postby Felipe » Fri Oct 06, 2017 3:16 pm

Yes, you should go back to the doctor.
In fact, I think you should go to the doctor and then go to a second doctor to confirm the diagnosis and treatment options.

Lipomas are benign fatty growths.
The danger from them is that they will compromise something else as they grow.
From your description, it doesn't sound like yours is very close to anything that could be harmed.

However, I wonder how the doctor decided it was a lipoma and not something else? To determine that, I think she would have needed to do a biopsy and send the sample to a pathologist.
If those things weren't done, then there is a possibility that you have some other thing growing there.
And that is why you should go to a second doctor, you need to confirm that this rapidly growing thing is a lipoma, and then to confirm that leaving it alone is the proper thing to do.

I know someone who had a lipoma removed from inside her neck.
It had to be taken out because it was starting to interfere with the nerves there.
In fact, the removal damaged the nerves and it took years for her voice to get back to normal.

Years later, she found a mobile lump under the skin of her back.
Given the history of lipoma and the location of the lump, the doctors thought it was another lipoma.
So they took it out and sent it to the pathologist, only to discover that it was not a lipoma but a liposarcoma.

Liposarcoma is a deadly form of cancer that usually arises deep inside, not under the skin.
This person was lucky to find the tumor, lucky to get it removed when they thought there was no need, and lucky that the doctor took out all the cancer when he wasn't really thinking he was operating on cancer.

You never know in these things: doctors make mistakes, and diseases are unpredictable.

So you need to go back, and you need to get a second opinion.

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