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Contrast Ct Scan Or Contrast Mri

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Contrast Ct Scan Or Contrast Mri

Postby carvel » Sat Dec 21, 2013 7:01 am

I am a former medical care worker. I found I'd HepC in 1991. I've tried interferon in 5 distinct regimes. The final with albuferon and riboviron. I'm a chronic low-responder. I have had three biopsies. The biopsy was about 5 years back and demonstrated just the beginnings of chirrosis.Recently my alpha fetoprotein went from eight to 21. Ultrasound was adverse for liver and testicles. MD purchased CT w/ contrast. Rewards pending. I was questioning about CT vs MRI. In my readings it would seem that MRI (further-cellular gadolinium chelate contrast enhanced MRI) could be the preferred imaging approach.I even have hemachromatosis and my hematologist could be the particular person who ran my AFP test but she proceeded vacation for a month and yet another medical doctor in her coaching is currently aiming my case. I've never met him but he buy up the Further sounds and the CT.Is MRI considerably a lot much better than CT or must I assume it is definitive and be satisfied with the CT? 
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Contrast Ct-Scan Or Contrast Mri

Postby dywel » Fri Dec 27, 2013 5:08 am

Hi,Iam not tremendously educated to the usefulness of CT vs. MRI, but I've noticed it will be is crucial in what wood has been looked over, and what they actually are attempting to try to see.  I've/had (am these days regarded with no any successful infection) anal cancer w/ mets to liver and lungs & not too long ago experienced a liver resection.  I am nearly to have my initial follow-up tests given that my surgery.  My oncologist initially mentioned I'd have a neck to legs CT scan.  My liver specialist & colorectal specialist, nonetheless, equally stated an MRI is much better for viewing the liver and the colon/rectum than the usual CT scan is.  To check out my lungs, nevertheless, they both decided that I ought to nonetheless have the CT scan for that.  My colorectal doctor's terms have been:  "There are two factors I'd rather you have the MRI for the stomach and pelvis... 1) An MRI does not have all of the light like the CT does & 2) The MRI gives a clearer picture of the liver and colon.  She once more talked about I nevertheless have to obtain the CT for my torso, due to the fact it gives a much better picture of the lungs.  I think carrying out an onetime CT of anything is most probably far more simple to maintain an eye on & my oncologist also pointed out "some sufferers do not like obtaining the MRI due to the fact itis a worse experience with the sound and moving in the canal".  I responded I did not be concerned about that, that I basically require what'll give me the greatest image of what is taking place inside me!I would speak these factors more than together with your medical doctor.  Best wishes-Lisa
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Contrast Ct Scan Or Contrast Mri

Postby Deakin » Mon Jan 20, 2014 1:12 am

CT with contrast vs MRI with contrast? This will depend. For example, what's the distinction agent? MRI distinction is generally gadolinium. CT distinction is both iodine or barium. These contrast agents may display various things. This will depend on which your document is wanting to find out. My limited understanding is that CT with iodine is exceptional if you wish to see the vasular framework, which will display not merely current tumors, but will also reveal tumors which are simply starting, which could be inferred from a place of hypervascularization. If I were you, I'd ask the radiologist what they aspire to see, and why CT was selected over MRI. Best of luck for you!
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