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Colon Resection / I Need Advice?

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Colon Resection / I Need Advice?

Postby Gavan » Thu Sep 28, 2017 11:10 pm

54 y.o. male w/colostomy from abdominal-perineal resection 20 yrs ago (colon cancer) ureter damage (I had surgery for this also including re-configuring the bladder. Lots of scar tissue and adhesions. 1 kidney damaged from radiation.)

Gastro. says I need another resection-they found a weak spot -resulting from radiation treatment or scar tissue -he says it is a fold inside the colon and will turn to cancer. / I lift about 80-100 lbs. and bend frequently at my job- iI only weigh 130 lbs. I am afraid this activity will disturb the surgery. Soc. Sec, won't give me a nickel and every day for the past 20 years I still feel discomfort from the first surgery.I need advice on getting financial assistance.I just can't keep up the pace anymore. A strong and healthy young man I worked with gets $1,600 every month because his girlfriend left him and he had a breakdown. I don't know where to go for financial assistance-I have insurance, but very low income and sometimes get real depressed. If I fail to have this surgery- The condition will lead to death, acccording to the M.D.
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Colon Resection / I Need Advice?

Postby Devonn » Thu Sep 28, 2017 11:13 pm

You need to talk to your doctor and a social worker. Talk to the hospital financial services. Charity care is available if you qualify for it.

Social services for the state should be able to tell you about emergency medical assistance you can apply for.

it's what I had to do when I lost my job and was unable to pay my medical bills. I applied for SSDI (disability) but was turned down because I hadn't worked enough. I do get supplemental security income from social security that is for those who are poor and ill but haven't worked long enough. This also allows me to get medicaid.

There are several state programs and states often have their own insurance for low income people.

What you said about the man at your job makes no sense to me. These are the flukes. I had to jump through hoops and be examined by several doctors plus give them everything under the sun to prove my state of health, finances, etc. Still...I was 2 credits short of getting disability. To this day, if social security makes a mistake and I don't catch it, I pay for it. That is the way it is. Getting social security or disability is very hard...and I have to assume that the man you describe has more going on with him that what you know of. Also...he can't be working much to get that money. In my state, the highest amount they would give anyone is $685 regardless of disability.

please talk to social workers from the state, the local hospital you go to, your doctor, etc. They are the ones who know how to get help.

I wish you luck in this. I know it's hard. Don't give up or take no for an answer.
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