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Colon/liver Cancer

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Colon/liver Cancer

Postby Rayner » Wed Jul 23, 2014 4:39 pm

Please tell more or less how much time my dad really has?  He has cancer in the liver and the colon, they have done chemo on both areas but it is still spreading.  They will do one more chemo but this medicine is not designed to do both areas so only one area can be done, but the doctors said that after they do this one more time that is all they can do.  He has lost allot of weight and they had to just give him a blood transfusion last week.  He mainly wants to say in bed always weak and mainly just stays in bed.  Some times he has a appetite and other days he does not want to eat. Is having diarrhea and becomes weak after that.  I know his time is coming, but can you please tell me about how long he has just to start planning things and spend more time with him since I live out of state. Please help me ease my mind...
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Colon/liver Cancer

Postby Aylmer » Wed Jul 23, 2014 5:32 pm

If he is not responding well to his chemotherapy he is unfortunately going down hill. Exactly how long that will take is unfortunately impossible to say with any accuracy. Both patients and tumors are individuals not identical copies/clones. An educated GUESS would be that his survival time probably at most can be measured in months.

But bad things may happen at any time.
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