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Choleocystitis Histopathology Report

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Choleocystitis Histopathology Report

Postby Chago » Sat Dec 05, 2015 12:04 am

Hello Doc

I was plagued by a Gall Stone for a good deal of a time.

Last week, I got it surgically removed and today I got a HISTOPATHOLOGY REPORT which is all Greek to me. Please

explain me the meaning of my report :

Gall Bladder mucosa is partly ulcerated.

Wall shows Rokitansky Aschoff sinuses with moderate transmural lymphoplasmacytic infiltration.

Though my Gallstone is removed now, I am still concerned

about what this report has in store for me. I hope the

stone has not caused any damage since the report has words

like ulcerated and infiltration. I have heard that stones

can cause Cancer also.

Please decipher this report for me and clarify my doubts

whenever you can spare time out.

Thanks for your help, Doc.

Warm Regards

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Choleocystitis Histopathology Report

Postby Sherbourn » Sun Dec 06, 2015 12:04 am

Hello Sam:

The gall bladder report shows findings consistent with presence of stones. The mucosa(inner lining) of gall bladder is ulcerated due to presence of stones. This causes inflammation and the inflammatory cells are presnt in entire thickness of the wall of gall bladder(transmural lymphoplasmacytic infiltrate). This confirms the diagnosis of cholecystitis.

There is no evidence of cancer in the report and the gall bladder has been removed and there should not be any cause for anxiety.
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