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Chances Of An Std From This?

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Chances Of An Std From This?

Postby craig » Sun Aug 06, 2017 11:25 pm

I've had sex with three guys my whole life. All three I had long relationships with. None visually had anything wrong, and my last boyfriend got tested twice at different times because of a low white blood cell count when he'd get sick, both time's he tested negative for everything ( they always did blood work on him because of a responsive lymph node ). I dated that guy for 3 years and now I'm with a new guy, for the past 6 months, who gets tested once a year, and had only had sex with two other people.. Do I have any chance of an STD? Right now I'm healthy, no itching, no burning, etc, but I'm always worried that I have something terrible... I rarely ever get sick, but I always worry when i do get sick that its something bad. Like now I get light cramping now and then and I'm worried about cervical or ovarian cancer from HPV, or when my sinuses start acting up, I'm worried its HIV or something... As far as I know all three guys are negative and clean.. Never really used condoms with them, because we were always open with stuff like this before hand... Am I worrying too much?
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Chances Of An Std From This?

Postby Jaren » Sun Aug 06, 2017 11:32 pm

Defiantly use condoms, get checked frequently for stds, they are very commen especially Chlymedia amongst teens. also, i wouldnt worry too much about Ovarian cancer, until a sonogram shows an enlarged ovary like myself- like cramping could be a number of things, from PMS, PID, or even a bit of endometriosis ( check out Pelvic inflammatory Disease PID - and Endometriosis ) --> see if you have any of those symptoms! its fine to worry alot your just very intuned with your body which isnt a bad thing, hense why i kept pushing for more testing on my gynecological issues :D
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Chances Of An Std From This?

Postby Staunton » Sun Aug 06, 2017 11:45 pm

I'd suggest using condoms, obviously people can be liers and cheat and not know if they've caught anything so I would take more action to be safe, but looking at what you said it does sound that your worrying too much and worrying can cause loads of problems
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