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Carbon Nanotube Question?

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Carbon Nanotube Question?

Postby GwynethPaltrow » Tue Sep 26, 2017 9:36 pm

Carbon nanotubes (CNTs) are grown which is why they end up as long tubes. They can either be grown from the tip or grown from the base. In either case the carbon species arrives from the gas precursors and through a process not yet clear moves across/through/around the catalytic particle, usually a metal, and forms a CNT.
As each carbon atom is added the tube either moves up, or in tip growth the catalytic particle moves up. Add a couple of million carbon atoms and you have yourself a long tube. The tubes can be single walled, double walled, or multi walled. The larger the catalytic particle the larger the diameter of the tube, the more likely multiple walls are.

As for carcinogenic properties, the best answer is we don't know. Obviously they are roughly the same size and shape as the asbestos fibers which have cause so much harm, however they are made from carbon, not a mineral. Presumably part of their carcinogenic properties would be how fast the body can get rid of them, or at least encase them in something safe. Although made of carbon it is still not clear if the body can either flush CNTs out or take them apart, there appear to be some enzymes that do, however I'm not an expert here. So my advice has always been don't eat them and don't breath them in. If you think they are in the air, like in a production environment, everyone should be wearing something to protect their lungs, and real production plants should have ventilation to get them out away from employees. However, none of this is written into law or OHSA regulations, as far as I know, since the carcinogenic question has not been answered.
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