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Capricorn men how come the ups and downs? i had to revise my question?

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Capricorn men how come the ups and downs? i had to revise my question?

Postby honani » Thu Mar 29, 2012 1:02 pm

This is my first time dealing with a capricorn man and it has been nothing but ups and downs. I am a cancer woman and I am a very straight forward person pretty much call it like i see it.
So i was dating this cappy for about 3 1/2 months. he was wonderful in the beginning. very attentive texting and calling almost everyday. A very sweet gentle man. He was so into me and I was surprised as to my own feelings because I hold back due to the fact i'm afraid of getting hurt. After our first date we hung out once or twice every week and had so much fun together. He was everything i was looking for in a man. we had so much in common that i really thought things were going to work out. FIRST 2 months were great then came the brutal silent treatments. we would make plans to hang out and he would cancel at the very last minute without even saying why. I live 45 min away from him and he don't have a car. He should have the common courtesy to let me know ahead of time or at least answer a simple text that's rude and that's very annoying. also felt like he was stringing me along as to keep me on the side just in case other things didn't work out. I cooked for him and he liked to have his occasional drink especially after a hard days work. So every time i went over i would bring him his favorite beer or his favorite brand of vodka. he never said thank you not once. there were other things too that i did to show how much i really cared for him and that i understood that work comes first. Giving him his space and being patient was the biggest things i showed him. this last month has been nothing but an emotional roller coaster ride for me. i am not a clingy or needy person. I told him Straight up that i felt that he was being inconsiderate of me and that he runs away every time I ask him why he does the things he does. i felt i deserved to know if he really wants to be with me or just stringing me along. so i ended it. I was at my breaking point and had enough of the ups and downs. i also stated the fact that we can't be friends because friends that I know don't treat me the way he does. Like i said before astrology don;t mean a thing but i have been reading alot on you cappy men and you guys are just tough. Why do we have to bend backwards and prove to you that we are trustworthy of your love? whats the deal with that? sorry about this being so long.
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Capricorn men how come the ups and downs? i had to revise my question?

Postby cecilius27 » Thu Mar 29, 2012 1:08 pm

Maybe you should look at Astrology it would save you a lot of heartache:
Cancer sign compatibility with Capricorn

Cancer and Capricorn? Interesting combination... but also dangerous: Capricorn is Cancer's opposite sign in the zodiac, 180 degrees away.

Theoretically, you should match. But there is an "opposition" between your signs. Therefore, I'm going to tell you the strong and the weak points and let you decide. There are equal chances to succeed, as well as to fail.

You have much in common: Capricorn always feels misunderstood, and your main quality is to offer understanding and protection to the others. You both know how to follow your goals, which could lead to a lasting relationship if each of you finds the power to adjust to the other's wishes.

The Goat can make your dreams come true, because Capricorn is an Earth sign, and a very hardworking one. Water and Earth usually get along very well, but, of the three Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn), you are in opposition with this one: this is where the troubles could come from, because you are also very determined, meaning that neither of you gives up too easily. It would be better if you gave up in the end, because otherwise your Capricorn will isolate him/herself even more under his/her protective shell.

Neither of you is too extrovert: you'll have to work hard to get to his/her inner ego, to make him/her open up. But it is worth it: Capricorn has a great sense of humor and is very devoted, (s)he is capable of understanding you and among the few that will always try to do it.
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