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Cant Swallow Please Helpp!! Noww?

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Cant Swallow Please Helpp!! Noww?

Postby Barnett » Mon Oct 09, 2017 5:11 pm

for about 3 months now and going on 4 in jan. i haven't been able to swallow whole foods,i went to the er and i had strep throat i got pills took them and it all went away for like two weeks and it cant back again well not the strep but just not being able to swallow came back. Im in no pain at all i didn't even have pain when i went to the er about the strep it SO annoying and it taking my life away i hate living every day i wake up and hope i can eat i cant only get couple bites and i start to choke im not crazy or a scary person so its not anxiety trust me i want to eat. i can drink all day long but food its not going down i cry everyday praying to god to just let me eat im hungry all day.the only thing think of is i might have tonsillitis because all while i was kid i kept getting these white patches in the back of my throat and i went to the doctors and they kept saying its viral don't worry use throat spray and it would go away it worked every time and that happened all while i was a kid then it stopped , but im 20 now and i haven't seen and white spots just red irritation in back of my throat and i cant swallow i have an appointment for the ent but i just want to know ahead of time whats going to happen when i go the because im scared it might be throat cancer,its sounds stupid but all i have been doing is reading online and that can make someone think they have everything sorry if i don't make sense my head is pound i can barely breath i just feel like crap so please anybody just tell me what you think if anybody is going threw the same thing. this sucks cause my favorite Holiday are here and im so sick ugghh.!
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Cant Swallow Please Helpp!! Noww?

Postby Mosheh » Mon Oct 09, 2017 5:20 pm

My first thought is stop reading health message boards for advice! I did that when I was sick and reading medical horror stories didn't help me, all it did was freak me out even more.

My next thought is, if you're that concerned why don't you just go to another doctor. That seems like common sense to me. If you can drink liquids, there is no reason why you can't swallow foods. This sounds psychological to me.

The chances of someone your age having throat cancer are slim to none. You probably just have throat irritation if it's anything physical. If it is physical, it's also possible you have something growing on your thyroid like a nodule or a benign tumor, but these things are also easily treatable.

Good Luck!
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