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Cancercure.org...bad Reviews ???

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Cancercure.org...bad Reviews ???

Postby Laureano » Sat Mar 15, 2014 3:37 pm

I have just read a number of very negative articles regarding this site...suits filed against them...false information ???does anyone out there know anything about this.... I find this sickening since someone just recently recomended 
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Cancercure.org...bad Reviews ???

Postby Drych » Sun Mar 16, 2014 5:53 am

 On 10/25/2008 trehouse60 wrote:Hi Ray,in my opinion there really are a few sites that the Cancer Compass moderators don't permit to be recommended in communications about options (I've looked over one particular site and acknowledge that there's a great deal on the site that's inappropriate for this community.) In my opinion that if articles are now being removed for inappropriate language, it's not because it's a post about options by itself, but instead because anything particular was mentioned in the post that's thought to break the rules.  I do not usually accept what others consider to be inappropriate, but neither am I the main one who wrote the guidelines, so I do try really concertedly to remain within bounds. (I don't usually succeed!)I've created numerous communications about options previously week, both generally and some specific, and have experienced none of these removed.Regardless of what the moderators are doing, I DO believe it's a great concept to analyze a note beforehand and contain referrals - makes it easier for those studying the article to check on in to the specifics and credibility for themselves. (And this really is something that I've repeatedly mentioned below about the panel:  individuals should do research for themselves and not consider what ANYBODY says as gospel - I'm certain that we all mean well, but we each is with the capacity of problem, and what works for you can not function as the most suitable choice for another. Additionally, every individual's body is significantly diffent, and several visiting the panel for advice have health issues apart from cancer, therefore the very greatest thing we can perform is utilize the advice of others as a springboard for our personal investigation.  The better educated we become, the better is likely to be our decision-making.)I do think that in future it might become harder to speak about alternatives within an open forum similar to this, as there are very effective competitors of alternatives attempting to apply pressure on law-makers to create such remedies illegitimate or unattainable.  I hope that does not occur, as It'd be considered a severe breach of human-rights. Something we are able to all do to attempt to avoid this from happening would be to continue steadily to post reliably on the board - hopefully that'll be enough make it possible for visitors to avail themselves of the ability and understanding of others on the board. Be mindful,Tre thank for the response Tre the final point I want to complete is provide somebody bad information so just how do I understand what a bad site is the websites.where I?m obtaining that information search okay I'm fighting for my real life the majority of the individuals on this site I require information that accurate Iv surely got to be exposed about this since I wear?t want to make exactly the same neglect requires again or make  all any fresh types. I additionally don?t desire to be the main one to provide cancer compass a poor name-but the guide-lines are to obscure for that typical patient or care-giver to under stand. I've never stated this treatment or that treatment is just a cure since I realize icant say that only people that could say this treatment or that treatment is just a cure for cancer (on the website like this) are physicians who've acceptance from the FDA to say so. How do you find treatments that work with me I observed lots of alterative treatments that slow cancer down although not one Iv tried may heal it. I had been informed my solutions were as cited " unresearched, you're making promises of solutions and excellent results based on person to person or restricted experience.  simply because someone is selling it on the Web does not mean itis an established, or secure therapy. Please be mindful on that which you publish on Cancer Compass, and control it is repetition.? this I accept I do research but I keep getting told my research is problematic in my experience these websites appear okay. I?m a cancer patient searching for methods to combat my cancer I cant use chemo or radiation the one thing that I believe I might have use was High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) but I cant do it now it a money  issue as since Iv been  ill for to Lengthy the money I needed for therapy is all removed  simply spending  expenses where do I go now as all I  have is Alternate remedies  and how can we put hear-say and info from different websites we wish to put onto this website directly into a dialogue without having Obtaining our head bitten-off an extremely  frustrated Lewis 
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Cancercure.org...bad Reviews ???

Postby Huey » Tue Mar 25, 2014 6:35 pm

Beloved Child N, Ray, and others:there are several great questions being asked within this concept thread.How to understand whether a site that discusses options is trustworthy? 3 issues I look out for: could be the website selling anything, and do they attempt to back-up what they're saying?  Websites that do not instantly recognize themselves as being a merchant, but rather recommend this or that therapy, and then just occur to be selling the "remedy" they're promoting, have to be looked over very, very cautiously, and confirmed against as numerous additional assets as you possibly can, before getting used as references to the panel - and even then, these references might be removed from the moderator.   Personally, I question EVERY website that tauts one treatment over another when they're attempting to sell the specific treatment they're suggesting - vendors often be biased - I most price data from those individuals who have nothing to achieve besides helping people get-well.   Also, any website that suggests options but doesn't give referrals due to their data must certanly be suspect, particularly if they're not in a position to report any clinical data to get what they're saying. (I'm not only speaing frankly about the outcomes of clinical tests - but instead fundamental medical here is how anything functions  e.g. that IV vitamin-c treatment is regarded as effective against some cancers in some people since it might transform to hydrogen peroxide within the cancer cells, hence super-oxygenating the cell and interrupting glycolysis and additional cancer cell capabilities -  THAT'S a scientific reason that can at least be confirmed, proven that several scientific team is looking at. Not that we've in order to find all of the references onto it, but that trustworthy references receive in the initial post we take a look at. And that the information could be confirmed by different resources that provide medical reason,) the next point I watch for is essential:  the website must offer some kind of proof that if done properly, the therapy is safe to use.And indeed, this kind of information is very difficult for lay individuals to follow and comprehend. This is exactly why I would recommend that before people begin any regimen other than simple common vitamins, supplements and herbs, they possibly consult with a holistic doctor familiar with the regimen, or they make an effort to confirm the credibility of the therapy on the quantity of the web sites, published referrals,  or a bigger body of historical evidence than only 1 or 2 people. Remember when carrying out a web-search, the initial referrals in the future up would be the most commonly utilized - hopefully they'll even be the most correct. I  more confidence information that pops up within the first 5 or 6 posts on the research listing compared to 25th or 26th article. Today if you see article after article, site after site, reference after reference, all expressing exactly the same things about a particular treatment, that provides greater credibility as to the has been said about the treatment. I've discovered, AND STILL AM UNDERSTANDING, to check on the material Iam thinking about against as many referrals as I reasonably could, particularly employing these resources that I've noticed many others stating as trusted. I also am learning to use these sources that supply the most technological knowledge and information about just how to SECURELY use alternatives as my main "visit" sources when I'm attempting to understand about anything new.  for finding alternatives that are going to make a "remedy" - I'm going to express some things that might sound-very cynical, seeming presenting an image of doom and gloom - but that is not my intention.  (I'm a pragmatist, a realist, however I'm learning to simply accept the knowledge of some historical concepts, including we ought to live moment to moment, for that's the only real promise of time we've, and that we should place our trust on the great flexibility and power of the individual heart and nature instead of on actual things.  That's why I try to talk with sympathy, however in the same time I try to provide a practical picture.)So - about options and "remedies":  with very early cancers, stage 0, stage I, and possibly a few stage II cancers, and very low grade cancers - grade 1, and very few grade 2is - an entire cure can be done in a reasonable proportion of the population, offered regular therapy is offered within the proper quantity and length, and the in-patient has the capacity to acquire/maintain proper diet and assistance of the immune protection system and other cancer-fighting systems of your body. And it must certanly be cure to which that particular cancer in that particular individual reacts. For these folks "remedy" indicates that the cancer is identified, treatment is provided, the cancer dies and is reabsorbed or even the cancer cells are transformed back once again to regular cells, and the individual does not have anymore issues with that specific kind of cancer. However, statistics show that  most cancers that don't fall within the narrow limits of the aforementioned-described group.  Several cancers aren't diagnosed early - actually, scientists and main specialists in the area are more and more showing that many cancers have previously at least began the procedure of distant metastasis when they're diagnosed, even when they're staged at two, or III.  which makes treatment - ANY treatment whether traditional chemo/surgery/light or option - all that much more challenging. Plus it's becoming more apparent that several remedies aren't of long enough period or precisely coordinated to the in-patient to make sure that the cancer is wholly eliminated, and that anyone has got the required medical assistance and change in lifestyle to avoid cancer cells from recurring.Pretty unfortunate news.  But it does not mean we quit trying.  It DOES mean there's a significant need for increased consciousness that fighting cancer is not only a therapy - itis a means of life.The medical group identifies "remedy" for those individuals who have experienced metastasis never as being "No proof of Disease"  but instead as no evidence of DEVELOPMENT for 5 or even more years.  Main distinction in language and idea here.  NED:  no evidence of illness = no considerable cancer.  No cancers, no wounds, no raised guns, no medical evidence there are live tissues. This Is Actually The remedy that's accomplished for the very first group I discussed who're never identified as having metastasis. NO proof of Development: often means there are still live regions of cancer - cancers, wounds, whatever - however they don't display any evidence of developing larger or distributing. This = remission. Possibly EVERYBODY with cancer desires within their center for NED/accurate cure.  the stark reality is that for lots of people with metastasis, the very best they'll accomplish is remission, and they'll need certainly to defend against relapse/recurrence for the remainder of the lives. But HELLO, this is simply not a prediction of disaster and gloom.  It really is not!!!!!  If we can each FIRST find those activities that'll end our cancers from growing,  we've the remainder of our lives to preserve them from ever growing again, and we can live   with cancer.But folks state, "How can you reside with cancer," or "I do not want to reside with cancer - I want to become cancer FREE!"  Well, again - we ALL want to become cancer free, but if the options are to live with tumors still existing, or to let it dominate so that we die, I sure will decide to RESIDE with cancer and work to keep myself balanced hoping that what I do will slowly cause these cancer cells to die or change to normal.  Indicates an eternity of commitment and work - but I do not such as the option!  (the concept that cancer kills isn't very accurate - just in some instances may be the cancer the cause of death - e.g. where it causes harm to cells because of displacement as within the brain and the lungs, or where it prevents circulation of essential components such as for instance bile and major arteries or veins, or where it erodes through areas and causes deadly hemorrhage.  Normally, when people spread as a result of cancer, it's really because the cancer has deprived their different organs to death, or has so contaminated their body with toxins that the major organs turn off and will not support the capabilities of life.)So yes, we may find remedies that END the development of cancer cells, and we May continue to reside for a very, very long time with cancer still in us.  And when the remedies we attempt simply slow the cancer down - thatis okay, too.  DELAYING THE CANCER DOWN buys us time to continue searching for the therapy that PREVENTS cancer growth.  Preventing cancer development buys us time to possibly discover that that'll destroy cancer cells/lead them to reabsorb or transform the cells on track. And if we can not discover that which kills them or changes them, when we've stopped them from developing,  we can learn to consume and live to keep them from actually just starting to increase again, and yes, we can RESIDE with cancer. Today, about treatment.  I've been studying a great deal recently about some particular treatments for stage IV cancer, and in my own study have discovered some posts by people with great reputations within the cancer treatment neighborhood who claim there are some significant issues with using options:  Number 1: the alternative treatment selected isn't powerful enough to combat metastatic cancer.  There are about 300 known alternative treatments being suggested for cancer, at-least within the U.S.  of these 300 treatments, there are only about 12 that have been proven both through physician's/centers'  methods, historical evidence (which by just how, I believe may be REALLY legitimate), and through the limited research that have been done on them, to be very efficient for phase IV cancer.  Sadly some (although not all) of those therapies are costly, and might have been barred in some areas.  additionally they nearly all of them must be done with some kind of professional assistance - whether a doctor or otherwise licensed or qualified specialist, or by somebody REALLY experienced with the process. Not everybody who'd take advantage of these treatments can manage them or can obtain the assistance they require, particularly since medical insurance and healthcare procedures don't protect them.  Number 2:  lots of people who attempt an alternate regime don't remain on it long enough, and don't precisely know very well what these treatments do and how it'll influence the clinical indicators of disease.  for instance - Protocel. Functions by engaging in the cancer cell and adjusting the interior atmosphere of the cell to ensure that it starves to death.  It also causes liquefaction of the tissues, which on CT and PET scan and MRI can in fact for some time appear like the cancer has gotten bigger - it has not - it's died, however the resulting fluid "soupiness" on tests appears like a bigger growth until it's an opportunity to be reabsorbed. This death and liquefaction of cells can also trigger a rise in cancer markers  - the contaminants that are released by cancer cells in to the body that display raised markers, etc, are enormously released with this kind of cancer cell death, and leads to false-positives on laboratory tests.  When The doctor/specialist taking care of the patient isn't conscious of the process of activity/improvements brought on by the process as it does it's thing, a treatment that's really OPERATING can be misunderstood as NOT working at all, and the patient prevents the treatment before all the cancer has been eliminated. Overtime the rest of the cancer cells recover and begin developing again. # 3:  plenty of times people may select an alternate therapy, but don't totally follow the protocol - performing just parts of it, or using parts of another protocol with it. Really harmful to select and choose in this manner - invalidates each treatments.  And people usually continue steadily to consider additional materials that eliminate the treatment.  E.G. Several antioxidants cause a significant amount of exercise within the ATP period and thus block out the results of therapies that destroy cancer cells by depriving them of power. For that reason, vitamin D isn't recommended with a few methods (for example, Protocel and graviola) - however if people are not conscious of that and believe they're carrying out a positive thing by getting vitamin C, they might actually be evoking the treatment not to work.  # 4: Reality: every individual's body is significantly diffent, unique.  what this means is that a treatment, food, herb, supplement that's effective for me mightn't be effective for you. (excluding these basic components that EVERY person musthave in adequate amount to fight cancer - basic vitamins, minerals, nutrients, etc.)  so just how do we know which treatment will work with us separately?  Easily had the clear answer to that, I might be really wealthy!  The best thing I know to express is that people wanting or having to use options to fight cancer should do their best to find an expert experienced in the use of organic treatment to simply help them find the best remedy possible centered on personal needs. And indeed, that leaves lots of us out in the cold. I suppose that's why there's such a need for fantastic sites like Cancer Compass where we could attempt to discover answers.# 5:  from the time lots of people change to options for treatment, it is already quite late along the way, and they're  in such illness that  they can not endure treatment that works quickly enough to place them in remission. It doesn't mean that for these people options fail as fully as additional treatments-they may have experienced - certainly, for these valuable people an alternative therapy may be that which could give them pain relief, better nutrition and water, and purchase even more time for them to get and also give comfort to family and loved-ones, obtain affairs to be able, and move ahead  with power and pride to that which awaits them.   what exactly do we need to complete?  for-one thing, if we select an alternative, we need to complete our best to locate proof That it's powerful enough for the cancer, other compared to word-of only one or two other people. May we find proof that it's been utilized by numerous people, efficiently and securely? Next, if we begin a treatment, we need to complete our better to discover what changes overtime to anticipate with the treatment, and to stay with it long enough for all those changes to move and the treatment to work fully.  With stage IV cancer, many of these remedies could be likely to take at-least many months to work, and may need to be followed-up with possibly another stage IV treatment, or perhaps a stage III treatment. Metastasis can occupy to annually as well as 1 5 years to become completely imprisoned, and then we can be prepared to preserve ourselves on the phase two therapy for the remainder of our lives.  not as fantastic an outcome to be "healed" - but hey, I consider every moment, every hour, every day of remaining alive to become triumph. That's why I list myself being a survivor rather than individual, even though I know I'm in remission rather than "cured."   And I plan to have many, many more years in front of me, even if this means constant vigilance to include remission.I've found some sites and publications that are extremely extensive and reliable with each other within the data they provide, and are well in-line with numerous other sources.  I depend heavily on these resources, but they're not my only references.  I know that others on the panel have these kind of preferred stand by's, and they Are not the same as mine.  I DO believe that each individual must create their very own listing of "visit" understanding locations that they consider to be trusted, and sources against which to test new info as it pertains in their mind.  I've published numerous these sources on Cancer Compass, and I understand a few of the other regular posters about options have sources they repeatedly publish that are not censored.  I'd say that any site-you wish to provide as research should be confirmable through other websites, and should be considered completely for external material that May be unhealthy for the panel and/or being extremely targeted at promoting "options". Resources that I frequently use and recommend to others:www.cancertutor.comwww.lefcancer.org http://www.alkalizeforhealth.net "Prescription for Nutritional Healing" 4th edition by Phyllis and James Balch."Dr Susan Love's Breast Book" 4th edition by Dr Susan Love. "Cancer: Step Away From Box" by Ty Bollinger"Cancer-Free" by Bill Henderson"Alive and Well" by Dr Philip Binzel Jr http://lpi.oregonstate.edu/infocenter/  (Linus Pauling Institute at Oregon State-University - has EXEMPLARY informative data on vitamins, minerals, supplements, nutrients, etc)I also provide properly published website details to on-line suppliers of supplements - e.g. I occasionally talk about white mulberry leaf extract and provide the website for Swanson Vitamins  -  I believe stuff like this won't be removed from the moderator so long as itis apparent that we're simply stating "this is what I use" or "this is among the locations where you could purchase it" and we are not trying to market it ourselves and we clearly aren't trying to advertise company for any specific vendor. both other issues I'd say about selecting options, and that I've read in several other recommendations:  if it seems too-good to be legitimate, it probably is too-good to be true.  And if you can not manage a significant proven treatment process, or can not obtain the help of the qualified familiar with options, select a wide selection of ingredients, herbs and products that address as numerous of the angles as you are able to, in the place of placing your dreams on a single, or several, remedies. Simply attempt to do whatever investigation you certainly can do to ensure that these ingredients, herbs, and supplements-are working together, in the place of deleting each other out.I hope at-least a few of the issues I Have mentioned may help.  all of us need each other to  discover, and share, and remain powerful. Truly,Tre 
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Cancercure.org...bad Reviews ???

Postby Hurley » Sun Mar 30, 2014 7:31 pm

 On 10/14/2008 child deb wrote:I've just read numerous extremely negative posts regarding this website...suits filed against them...false information???does anybody out there know something about this... I find this sickening since somebody just lately recomended Hi N the majority of US aren't doctors but individuals just like your Father, or care-givers just like you, but who've had effective with one therapy or another just remember there's lots of false and negative information on the web. Easily wear?t back-up my information or a reply post then that information or reply post is eliminated. For me personally the info I hand out is what I've utilized on my-self, or observed additional individual have  great results with. However, you should remember since we're patient and care providers publishing on this website isn't any more then speaking with another patient or care provider sitting inside the waiting-room. The only real time this really is deferent is whenever a physician or nurse responses for the article. Then you definitely might find a red cross with physician or nurse, created under it   But Cancer Compos Is Definitely An on-line cancer community resource centre, focused on offering people living with cancer a location to understand and discuss in a supportive, caring atmosphere. I my-self like a cancer patient worry about the patient who read what I post or answer I do research to obtain the best methods to combat this terrible disease I?m only sorry what you discovered was so discouraging as a patient recall my loved ones and I've endured to    Ray
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Cancercure.org...bad Reviews ???

Postby warrick13 » Thu Apr 03, 2014 1:50 am

Please share where and what you read 
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Cancercure.org...bad Reviews ???

Postby Ailill » Fri Apr 25, 2014 1:45 pm

 On 10/25/2008 Shemay wrote:Hello Beam I believe you might have misunderstod child n's concept. When I understand it, she was talking about "cancercure.org" obtaining the poor opinions. Really that debate happened many years before based on a few of the links below: http://www.google.com/search?client=safari&rls=en-us&amplifier.............I'm truly amazed to know the moderators on this website is likely to be eliminating any articles mentioning alternate methods. In the end, the Cancer Centers of America present alternative/complementary remedies. I'd truly appreciate your allowing me know where these details originated from to ensure that we are able to consider it and also have it both confirmed or debunked. Cheers Ray.......Sheila _____________________________________________________________  On 10/25/2008 jcr65566 wrote: On 10/14/2008 child n wrote:I've only read numerous really damaging posts regarding this website...suits filed against them...fake info???does anybody out there know something about that... I find this sickening since somebody recently recomended appears like your correct N. From today on any Alterative info that anyone attempt?s to publish is likely to be remove at the same time by cancer compass team as Incorrect Language. the one thing we could currently discuss is fda-approved remedies (there just two treatments-they are chemo and radiation.)  nevertheless when you've somebody like me I?m really unfortunate when I got lots of Alterative  info using this Cancer Compass website, it save my entire life you observe individual like me cant use Chemo or radiation to deal with there cancer To people what this signifies is that this website is becoming no further them a brochure  you are able to get in you physician office   yes thanks sheila  
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Cancercure.org...bad Reviews ???

Postby Reyhurn » Fri Apr 25, 2014 9:10 pm

 On 10/14/2008 child n wrote:I've only read numerous really damaging posts regarding this website...suits filed against them...fake info???does anybody out there know something about that... I find this sickening since somebody recently recomended appears like your correct N. From today on any Alterative info that anyone attempt?s to publish is likely to be remove at the same time by cancer compass team as Incorrect Language. the one thing we could currently discuss is fda-approved remedies (there just two treatments-they are chemo and radiation.)  nevertheless when you've somebody like me I?m really unfortunate when I got lots of Alterative  info using this Cancer Compass website, it save my entire life you observe individual like me cant use Chemo or radiation to deal with there cancer To people what this signifies is that this website is becoming no further them a brochure  you are able to get in you physician office  
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Cancercure.org...bad Reviews ???

Postby bodaway23 » Thu May 08, 2014 2:56 am

 On 10/31/2008 jcr65566 wrote:hi Deb I saw this and thought of your dad it about vitamin D and chemo makes 0 PSA please  watch this video you will be amaized http://www.healthcentral.com/prostate/alternative-prostate-c Iv ask CC to remove all referance to Bicab soda un till we know more about it  Also here some more hear say, a lady (she has not got cancer) I was talking to day She was talking about baking soda how she  she still makes cakes  and bread with it put a full spoonful to make them rise and has been feeding it to her family for years with no ill affects she said there that much baking soda so a quarter of a teaspoon full in a cup of green tea would be nothing all so she makes honeycomb with baking soda  she said Iv been using it in my cooking and no one drop dead yet from it COOKING/BAKING with baking soda is a WHOLE LOT DIFFERENT than taking it with a drink!  When you put spoonful of baking soda in a batter and then bake it , it changes chemically because it mixes and disperses  with the batter AND THE HEAT CHANGES IT ALSO. SO YES, BAKING SODA IS OK TO USE FOR BAKING/COOKING.IT IS NOT OK TO RECOMMEND FOR USE IN BEVERAGES, REGARDLESS OF HOW MUCH YOU RECOMMEND, UNLESS YOU ALSO TELL PEOPLE THEY ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO HAVE A DR SUPERVISING ITS USE. I will repeat this again - UNLESS YOU HAVE A DR SUPERVISING ITS USE, TAKING BAKING SODA FOR PROLONGED PERIODS OF TIME IN WATER OR BEVERAGES CAN HAVE SOME EXTREMELY DANGEROUS EFFECTS, INCLUDING HEART ATTACK AND DEATH!!!!! Baking soda can also be used for brushing teeth, but SHOULD NOT BE SWALLOWED!!!Some people use a tsp of baking soda in water for an upset stomach or heart burn or indigestion - for some people that is ok but for others it is a very risky practice. Sodium bicarbonate IN VERY TINY AMOUNTS (much less than 1/4 tsp) is also used in combination with other chemicals in some antacids - BUT YOU WILL NOTICE VERY EXPLICIT INSTRUCTIONS NOT TO USE MORE THAN SUCH AND SUCH AMOUNT IN SUCH AND SUCH A PERIOD OF TIME.  THERE IS VERY GOOD REASON FOR THIS:Baking soda is EXTREMELY ALKALINE and TAKEN IN EXCESS - even in antacids - can very drastically upset the acid/base balance (pH) in the body, interfering with respiration and metabolism, and can cause SEVERE REACTIONS WITH THE HEART MUSCLE AND OTHER MUSCLES OF THE BODY resulting in seizures and yes, RESPIRATORY ARREST AND HEART ATTACKS!!!!!Some people say sodium bicarbonate must be ok because it is used as an emergency drug.  NOTICE THE WORD "EMERGENCY."  Yes, sodium bicarbonate IS used as a drug in emergencies and for treatment of acidosis - because it is alkaline it counteracts acid conditions.  But it is so powerful that it's use as a medicine MUST BE ORDERED AND SUPERVISED BY A PHYSICIAN. ANY IV USE of baking soda, and ANY THERAPY THAT INCLUDES MIXING BAKING SODA WITH BEVERAGES MUST BE DONE WITH A PHYSICIAN'S APPROVAL AND ASSISTANCE.  Dr Simoncini in Italy is using baking soda therapy for cancer - if you look at his site or at ANY RELIABLE alternative site that recommends this therapy, you will see time and time and time again that it is explicitly stated NOT to try this treatment without the approval and assistance of a physician.Sodium bicarbonate = baking soda. Sodium bicarbonate can be a life-saving drug and it can also be a killer. Some people might well be able to tolerate small amounts of baking soda in green tea for short periods of time, but they are playing a risky game unless they have some way of monitoring their body chemistry and acid base balance.  Some people should NEVER take baking soda with water or tea or another beverage because they have other conditions or are on other medications with which the sodium bicarbonate interferes or reacts adversely.NOTICE THE WORDS: BAKING SODA. That's what it is for - BAKING!!!!!!Works pretty well for cleaning, too - because it is a caustic chemical!!!! Any one who wants to mess around with this stuff and take the chance that IN THE LONG RUN it will not hurt them surely can make that decision for themselves, but PLEASE, STOP TELLING PEOPLE A LITTLE BIT of baking soda or sodium bicarbonate IN GREEN TEA (or in water, or anything else other than batters to be baked) is OK.  You do NOT know that it is ok for anyone else - you have no way of knowing how much is too much for someone else -  and not all other people have the knowledge to question the advisability of this "therapy." PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, both for your own sake and the sake of the other posters to the board, STOP PURSUING THIS AS A HOME REMEDY TO CANCER.  ANY AND ALL USE OF BAKING SODA FOR CANCER ABSOLUTELY MUST BE DONE WITH PHYSICIAN'S APPROVAL AND SUPERVISION.   
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Cancercure.org...bad Reviews ???

Postby Christie » Tue May 13, 2014 8:27 am

Hi Ray,I believe there are a few websites that the Cancer Compass moderators do not allow to be referenced in messages about alternatives ( I have looked at one such site and agree that there is a lot on the site that is inappropriate for this forum.) I believe that if posts are being removed for inappropriate language, it is not because it is a post about alternatives per se, but rather because something specific was said in the post that is considered to violate the rules.  I don't always agree with what others consider to be inappropriate, but neither am I the one who wrote the rules, so I do try very concertedly to stay within bounds. (I do not always succeed!)I've written a number of messages about alternatives in the past week, both in general and some specific, and have had none of them removed.Regardless of what the moderators are doing, I DO think it is an excellent idea to research a message beforehand and include references - makes it easier for those reading the post to check into the details and validity for themselves. (And this is something that I have repeatedly stated here on the board:  people need to do research for themselves and not take what ANYONE says as gospel - I am sure that we all mean well, but we ALL are capable of error, and what works for one may not be the best choice for another. Also, every person's body chemistry is different, and many coming to the board for advice have health concerns other than cancer, so the very best thing we can do is use the advice of others as a springboard for our own investigation.  The better informed we become, the better will be our decision-making.)I do believe that in future it MAY become more difficult to talk about alternatives in an open forum like this, as there are very powerful opponents of alternatives trying to exert pressure on law-makers to make such treatments illegal or unattainable.  I pray that doesn't happen, as it would be a serious violation of human rights. One thing we can all do to try to prevent this from happening is to continue to post responsibly on the board - hopefully that will be enough to enable readers to avail themselves of the experience and knowledge of others on the board. Take care,Tre
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Cancercure.org...bad Reviews ???

Postby jadon49 » Tue May 13, 2014 9:29 am

 On 10/14/2008 daughter deb wrote:I have just read a number of very negative articles regarding this site...suits filed against them...false information ???does anyone out there know anything about this.... I find this sickening since someone just recently recomended  thanks Tre I rely appreciate your insight this looks good I will use it  how a bout the one below ?Iv seen sites saying we should stay away from meat as it has cancer in it and it can cause cancer root filling can cause cancer that we are not getting enough electrolytes in out diet and  due to modem farming we only get 10 % of what we really  need Iv been told not to worry about my PSA until it gets to a PSA of  50 and a above I don?t know where to turn   Unmasking a "cure".(www.cancercure.org)(Website overview) Article from: Townsend Letter: The Examiner of Alternative Medicine Article date: April 1, 2006 Author: Moss, Ralph W. More results for: cancercure.org | Copyright informationCOPYRIGHT 2006 The Townsend Letter Group. This material is published under license from the publisher through the Gale Group, Farmington Hills, Michigan.  All inquiries regarding rights should be directed to the Gale Group. (Hide copyright information) On Wednesday, December 28, 2005, the US Attorney's Office in Miami, Florida, along with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), filed a lawsuit in US District Court for an injunction and restraining order to halt the sale of products from www.cancercure.org, as well as two other related web sites: flufighter.net and migraine cure.org. The motion alleged that, "The company conspired to defraud the United States and FDA by advertising and selling 'misbranded drugs' and unapproved 'new drugs.'" The judge issued a temporary restraining order ordering the sites be shut down immediately, pending a hearing. [ILLUSTRATION OMITTED]
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