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Can you have a mucus plug if your not pregnant?

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Can you have a mucus plug if your not pregnant?

Postby sedgewik » Wed May 09, 2012 9:16 pm

Really Need help :( please read....

Been ttc for 6 years,

Om my last cycle (April) after a normal af i spotted on day 10 then af came a week early..normal period,
I have never spotted in my life or come on early ever i have a 28 day cycle and ov on day 14 (usually)(im 32)

I had belly cramps after the spotting and bleed a tiny bit after sex on the cd 14 so i went to the doctors on cd19, She did a urine test and a pregnancy test...preg test neg and there was high protein, white blood cells and keytones in my urine she gave my antibiotics, When i came on af a week early (cd 23) my belly swelled and never went back to normal, 3 weeks ago i had a really flat belly and its now HUGE even in the morning its swollen and by night time after eating etc its massive, Since the early AF finished i have had bloating, brown tinged cm, sickness, really strange metallic taste in my mouth, feeling drunk and dizzy, headaches, really emotional (not like me at all) and a weird feeling in my belly...convinced i was pregnant but worried about the bleeding i booked a smear, I am now on cd16 of my cycle and my belly has got bigger! its uncomfortably big and feels weird...when my brother saw me he asked if i was pregnant! anyway the smear test was this morning, Before i went i did a pg test (pound shop one) it was neg so i went for the smear, she struggled to find my cervix she said it was angled? and when she did the smear she said my cervix started bleeding when she used the brush and said i have got a mucus plug??? whattt??

So i came home and did a ovulation test...i did one 3 days ago and it was positive..did one again 5 min ago and its positive...? is that normal to have a positive opk and another positive 3 days later?

and is it possible to have a mucus plug when your ovulating or is it just when your pregnant?

also does all this bleeding mid cycle, early af, bleeding when having smear and very bloated belly point to something bad like cervical cancer? I have never bleed before when having a smear.

im so scared :(
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Can you have a mucus plug if your not pregnant?

Postby tempeltun40 » Wed May 09, 2012 9:20 pm

You cannot have a mucus plug unless you are pregnant and you can get a positive result on OPK the day before you ovulate as the hormones are needed to make the fallopian tubes rupture and produce the egg which will be another 24 hours +. You can get a build up of cervical mucus when not pregnant but will also mean you are not ovulating every month and could be only a few times a year which could be the reason you have been trying for 6 years, it took me 3 years of ttc, as for your question of could it be something like cervical cancer? there is a possibility but with the belly getting bigger I would think it is more likely a hormone problem, Good Luck
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