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Can You Completly Get Rid Of Bone Cancer?

Discussions relating to bone cancer symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and prognosis

Can You Completly Get Rid Of Bone Cancer?

Postby amoz76 » Thu Jul 20, 2017 11:46 pm

Primary bone cancer, maybe, but if it's spread there from other parts (metastasized) it's not usually possible to get rid of, and at that stage, treatment is palliative only, and not curative (my aunt had bone cancer secondary to breast cancer, grandpa had stage 4 primary bone cancer - which isn't possible to get rid of either...).

Any cancer that has spread from one part of the body to another is not usually "curable".

Whether or not she survives another 5 years with metastasis is debatable. It depends where else the cancer has spread to.

Sorry for your news :( Bone cancer can be nasty.
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Can You Completly Get Rid Of Bone Cancer?

Postby Eshkol » Thu Jul 20, 2017 11:48 pm

You have got accomplished a good job of providing information - far higher than most questions about this website online - however we cant see the scans or examine what need to be palpable lymphadenopathy and there nonetheless is a great deal of missing understanding. What was once the dimensions of the main breast mass? Can it still be palpated and measured? CT scans of chest and abdomen looking for lung and /or liver involvement? Bone Scan? Serum tumor markers? Serum chemistries. And so forth. Why would you wish to have to make use of vain, unscientific, unproven homeopathic remedies? Some supplements can interfere with the effectiveness of the high priced chemotherapy drugs she is receiving. Of the three extraordinary combo chemotherapy therapies she has had up to now, I like the Cyclophosphamide, 5FU, and Adriamycin nice - however that is simply my option. There are a lot of variations - many chemo medicines and regimens which have been used with ease for breast carcinomas. There may be nonetheless Taxol or Herceptin to take a look at. What has been the scientific response to the three remedies of chemotherapy already given? Have there been repeat scans or physical examination proof of response? A lot of those lymph nodes described on the PET scan have got to be readily palpable and measurable. Nonetheless a lot lacking information here. The doses look good enough. Why use tamoxifen when the primary carcinoma has negative hormonal receptors? However we must now not be 2nd guessing the medical oncologist who has all the expertise and has obvious this individual. You should have the option of a real second opinion - no longer an internet question - if you're now not glad with the care. "IF" this is truly "stage IV" breast carcinoma, the intention is not a treatment. The goal is to obtain as much high-quality survival time as viable. Stage IV metastatic breast carcinoma just isn't considered a curable malignancy - though some patients can do well for years. The oncologist will have to have defined this in element. Despite the fact that ~six months have been wasted on useless homeopathic remedy, this disease had probably unfold already again in March when the fundamental breast mass used to be located, so the lengthen earlier than proper scientific healing has quite often now not been a change maker right here. We feel that most breast cancers had been growing for years earlier than they're clinically detectable, so you need not have too many regrets about that 5-6 month lengthen. I would not propose any homeopathic supplements while you are trying chemotherapy, but it might be a just right suggestion to ask your oncologist what he thinks about this. All of us have our possess opinions. On the school medical centers the place I obtained the 13 years of training to be a board licensed cancer chemotherapy expert, none of the professors or attending physicians concept extremely of homeopathic treatments.
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Can You Completly Get Rid Of Bone Cancer?

Postby Hrypanleah » Fri Jul 21, 2017 12:07 am

Yes you can completely get rid of bone cancer the problem is that is not what your grandmother has.

No doctor would tell her she has 5 years left, because there is no way for them to know that, but without knowing what kind of cancer she has at a minimum there isn?t much anyone can tell you.
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