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Can Thyroid Nodules turn into cancer and what are the symptoms?

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Can Thyroid Nodules turn into cancer and what are the symptoms?

Postby kelley » Sat Oct 06, 2012 8:21 pm

I have thyroid disease and have nodules. I've had biopsies done. Can it later turn into cancer and what are the symptoms?
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Can Thyroid Nodules turn into cancer and what are the symptoms?

Postby beldin » Sat Oct 06, 2012 8:26 pm

All cancer is curable. Dr. Leonard Coldwell has cured over 35,000 cancer patients without the use of chemo, radiation, or surgery. If you watch his videos on youtube, you won't believe how easy it is to cure cancer naturally. A doctor in California cured his cancer patients using vitamin B-17, but after he went public, the medical profession took his licence and put him in jail. Women have cured their breast cancer just by drinking wheatgrass. Dr. Simoncini, a doctor in Rome, has been curing cancer patients for over 20 years with baking soda. Also, in the 1930's, it was proven that cancer cannot survive in an oxygen environment. A woman with terminal liver cancer cured herself by being stress free and thinking positive. There are loads of natural cures. Dr. Leonard Coldwell will freely give you all the information on his youtube videos.

The war on cancer is a fraud. It is phony baloney. Throughout history, every time a doctor or scientist has found a cheap, natural cure, the medical profession has either put the doctor in jail, or they have made sure that the public don't get to hear about it. In America, cancer and cancer prevention is a $220 billion dollar a year industry. These medical criminals see cancer patients as customers. If you don't believe me, watch a video on youtube called "A World Without Cancer"

The truth is, most cancer patients don't die from the cancer, they die from the chemo, radiation, or surgery. Those who survive are often damaged for life, and the cancer often comes back even more aggressive. A person can have a tumor for over 10 years with hardly any symptoms, yet 27% of cancer patients die within the first 30 days of chemo. Radiation also causes cancer, and surgery makes the cancer spread. I'm not joking. The medical professions are the ones killing people, not the cancer. Look up Dr. Leonard Coldwell, and stop listening to the lies of these medical criminals. Natural cures DO exist.

Good luck
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