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Can Ovarian Cancer Get Worse With Stress Or Nervousness?

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Can Ovarian Cancer Get Worse With Stress Or Nervousness?

Postby Macerio » Sat Sep 30, 2017 1:36 am

If you did something bad, can the guilt make your ovarian cancer worse? And can stress, nervousness and guilt make you more likely to catch ovarian cancer?
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Can Ovarian Cancer Get Worse With Stress Or Nervousness?

Postby Benny » Sat Sep 30, 2017 1:38 am

Stress of some kind is a part of life. However, too much stress can be detrimental to your health and immune system. Cancer is not so much caught, as developed when your body's immune system cannot deal with the cells in your own body that have changed into cancerous cells.

Guilt is a stress. While I don't know for sure if it can make any cancer worse, I am quite certain it can make the symptoms and effects feel much worse.
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Can Ovarian Cancer Get Worse With Stress Or Nervousness?

Postby myung-dae71 » Sat Sep 30, 2017 1:42 am

We can never make a diagnosis from a description over the internet. We are not here to guess at diagnoses. We are here to give advice. Best advice is to see a physician for an evaluation. There is no way around that. We do not have a complete medical history and we cannot examine you. You would need a pelvic ultrasound at least to look at the ovaries.
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Can Ovarian Cancer Get Worse With Stress Or Nervousness?

Postby Aegelmaere » Sat Sep 30, 2017 1:45 am

The only mental thing that can make any cancer worse is depression, it may affect immunologic system.
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Can Ovarian Cancer Get Worse With Stress Or Nervousness?

Postby Keme » Sat Sep 30, 2017 1:50 am

Ovarian Cancer is not caused by stress. http://cancer.about.com/od/ovariancancer...
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Can Ovarian Cancer Get Worse With Stress Or Nervousness?

Postby KyraSedgwick » Sat Sep 30, 2017 1:55 am

There are many myths, realities, beliefs, scientific facts and various treatments you can use to address and defeat your stress problems. The first step in overcoming stress problems is knowledge.

When it comes to stress problems problems, or any other disorder of the body, knowledge is power. You can learn how to overcome stress problems problems. Learn everything you can about stress problems. Find out what causes stress problems.

No matter your age, your health habits or your genetics, sometimes, despite your best efforts, stress problems can occur.

The good news however, is with proper education and a clear understanding of the causes and treatments for stress problems problems; you can adopt a lifestyle that will minimize the effects of stress problems, resulting in a happier life and a stress free life.
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Can Ovarian Cancer Get Worse With Stress Or Nervousness?

Postby birdhil36 » Sat Sep 30, 2017 1:57 am

Stress, nervousness, guilt and any other emotion do not contribute to any type of cancer.

Cancer happens when normal cells change so that they grow in an uncontrolled way; this uncontrolled growth causes a tumour to form. It's difficult to see how stress could trigger this process, or have any effect on how it progresses..

Stress is an easy and popular explanation for cancer, but there's no scientific evidence that demonstrate a causal link, and no evidence that stress contributes to the cause of any cancer or affects the course of any cancer - so no, stress, nervousness etc will not make any type of cancer worse.

This is an interesting Dutch study of 9700 women; it found that the development of breast cancer had no link with personality, and no link with anxiety, anger, depression, or optimism.

This research is a prospective study, which means that at the start of the study nobody had breast cancer; the women were followed for 13 years. Many studies of stress etc are retrospective - asking people after they have had cancer if they were stressed, depressed etc, which of course is far less reliable. http://www.webmd.com/breast-cancer/news/...

And this report in the British Medical Journal explodes the theory that a 'fighting spirit' is associated with longer survival from cancer or that 'hopelessness and helplessness' means poorer outcomes. The researchers analysed existing studies from1979 onwards; their conclusion is:

'There is little consistent evidence that psychological coping styles play an important part in survival from or recurrence of cancer. People with cancer should not feel pressured into adopting particular coping styles to improve survival or reduce the risk of recurrence.' http://www.bmj.com/content/325/7372/1066...

Bereavement is one of the most stressful events in life, and the loss of a child is stress almost beyond endurance. A study in Israel looked for an increase in cancer among parents who had lost a child; no such increase in cancer was found.
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