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Can my husband n i have sex i just found out i have hpv?

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Can my husband n i have sex i just found out i have hpv?

Postby octave » Sat Dec 29, 2012 4:01 pm

My dr's office called me today and told me I have hpv. Can my husband and I have sex? I forgot to ask them. I've read before where there is no accurate test for men and hpv. So if we can't have sex how will I know when we can? Will we keep passing back and forth? I know our bodies can heal but if I heal and he has it then we have sex can I contract it again? My dr said I have the type that may lead to cervical cancer :/ I'm just nervous
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Can my husband n i have sex i just found out i have hpv?

Postby sweeney » Sat Dec 29, 2012 4:02 pm

I wouldn't. If your husband doesn't know he deserves too. If someone purposely hid something like that from me I would divorce them and be temped to hit them with my car. Also, how could you have it but he doesn't? Either you cheated on him or already had it. Good luck.
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Can my husband n i have sex i just found out i have hpv?

Postby mark » Sat Dec 29, 2012 4:07 pm

He should get tested. If he is also infected, there is really no reason for the two of you to abstain from sex with each other.

There is no known treatment for HPV, but 90% of HPV cases heal on their own within two years. However, it is possible to be re-infected. And of course, your risk for getting cancer is significantly increased. Your doctor will need to monitor your genital, anal and throat areas for cancer signs.

The vast majority of HPV cases in young females clear on their own, with no lasting long-term effects. The odds are on your side, so do not overthink and worry yourself over this. Know that it is one of the most common of STDs, and that you will most likely be cured and not have lasting effects.
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Can my husband n i have sex i just found out i have hpv?

Postby ruadhagan39 » Sat Dec 29, 2012 4:25 pm

Did your doctor tell you what were the findings of your cell changes ASGUS LSIL. The Bethesda reporting system is the most commonly used in the US. This is a good article your doctor should have explained more than just telling you that you have high risk HPV.
Understanding cell changes
What a woman should know when she test positive for HPV.
Your HPV test was positive this means you have one of the high risk HPV types this does not mean that your HPV infection will progress. Your doctor will monitor your cervix and if cell changes progress a treatment to remove the cell changes will be recommended preventing most all cervical cancers. Routine Pap tests are important to follow your doctor's recommendation.
Yes most young men and women do build immunity to their HPV type in time. HPV does not ping pong back and forth between committed couples. Condoms for a while will help your body fight the virus but condoms forever are not needed condoms for a few months might help but most men and women do build immunity to their acquired HPV type in time. An HPV type we acquired year ago can show again decades later again this is just stating the importance of your Pap test.

It is ok for you and your husband to have sex. You share your HPV type. There is no HPV test for the male and most men do not have the burden that is associated with the virus. If your husband wanted to go to the doctor to see if he has small warts he can do this. Again even if he does you share your HPV type. The virus is common most sexually active men and women will be exposed to the virus at some point.

It is common to be nervous when you first learn about the virus but some good knowledge will eliminate your fears and you will understand you are in control of the virus.

When one partner has HPV lesions caused by a particular virus type, it is most likely that the other partner shares the same virus type, although this is often impossible to prove. Several studies indicate that "shared HPV" does not "ping-pong" back and forth. There is evidence that using condoms may decrease the viral exposure and speed the clearance of HPV related disease. The decreased viral load may allow the individual's own immune system a better chance of eliminating the virus.
This article will give you more specifics of how often the virus regresses.
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