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Can I Get Into Usc Or Ucla?

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Can I Get Into Usc Or Ucla?

Postby Barklie » Wed Sep 27, 2017 12:46 am

Currently in Junior in HS.

First Generation College Student

Full Hispanic

Low income


Weighted GPA: 3.825

Un-Weighted GPA: 3.535

UC-GPA: 4.025

Top 10% of class

Class Rank: 33/330

I.B. Diploma Candidate

Advanced Placement: European History and Environmental Science

Member of National Honors Society

? 2012 - Present

Member of Air Force Junior Officer Training Corps (JROTC)

? 2010 ? Present

Extra Curricular:

Varsity Tennis member

? 2011 - Present

Woman?s Tennis Manager

? Present

Mock Trial member

? 2011 - Present

President of Operation Smile Club (Philanthropic)

? 2012 - Present

Air Force Civil Air Patrol (CAP) cadet

? 2011 - Present

Air Force (CAP) Private-Pilot Ground School student

? 2011-Present

Community Service:

70+ hours of community service

? 3 yrs of HS

Neighborly work

? 2010 - Present

Traffic control at ?Best Christmas Ever? gift giveaway with C.A.P.

? 2011

Waldo Canyon Fire making sand bags with C.A.P

? 2012

School events

? 2012 - Present

Educational Summer Programs:

2011 ? Attended National Youth Leadership Forum on Medicine (NYLF-MED) at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)

2012 ? Attended Summer Leadership School at the United States Air Force Academy (USAFA)

? Element Leader

? Honor Flight

2012 ? Attended Colorado Health Education Center (AHEC) Summer Health Career Institute


2012 - United States Achievement Academy-World Languages Award (Teacher Nominated)
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Can I Get Into Usc Or Ucla?

Postby Nicky » Wed Sep 27, 2017 1:03 am

USC is more competitive for admission than UCLA, but UCLA is more of a crapshoot. (USC gets a lot of applications from top public and private high schools, so the stated average GPA is very strong, based on rigorous curriculum and tough grading policies.) Your GPA is a bit low, are you sure that's your correct UC GPA, it is typically lower than a fully weighted GPA, (weighting is only allowed on 8 semesters), or is it that you didn't do so well as a freshman and that's in your listed unweighted and weighted? Even though USC looks at freshman GPA, if you've improved they'll consider that. Try to get all A's in your senior year, at least first semester. And no D's! (Check to make sure you are taking all the required a - g classes. High schools are supposed to keep track, but sometimes they drop the ball.)

Are you planning to take the SAT this school year? If so, study big time, and plan to retake in October.

Bringing needed diversity to the colleges, and being a first generation college student, will help a bit with admissions. Strong essays can really help in admissions.

Admitted freshman averages:

UCLA UC GPA 4.11, 2042 SAT, 22% admit rate

USC unweighted GPA 3.8, 2140 SAT, 20% admit rate

Use your summer wisely! Bump up your community service hours, you should be able to add a lot more, attend a summer program like you have been, study study study for your SAT. Ask your college counselor about classes that are low cost or free or special programs. Look to see if your local community center has SAT classes. Work on your UC app (if you can't access it online, ask the college counselor for a hard copy or PDF), and the Common App. The new versions will come out in fall, but use the current apps for practice. Start early in the summer so you can see where you might need to add activities, etc and you can do them over the summer. Work on your essays this summer so you can get help at school with fine-tuning them as soon as school starts. Trust me, time flies at the beginning of your senior year and you need to keep your grades up. USC scholarship (Dec 1) and UC applications (Nov 1 - 30) are due early in the process.

Common App https://www.commonapp.org/CommonApp/Down...

Download the PDFs Application (student form) Only and College-specific Supplements, and any else you need. The essay prompts have changed, here are the new prompts, PDF file. https://www.commonapp.org/CommonApp/Docs...

If you are going to apply for USC scholarships, you will have to apply early, by December 1. Your stats may be a bit low based on your GPA, but it's worth the effort, just in case.

USC Scholarships http://www.usc.edu/admission/undergradua...

Click on link at bottom of the page under List of Scholarships for info.

Look into applying for Town & Gown scholarship here if you are in So Cal and other requirements: https://townandgownofusc.org/scholarship.asp (Also on list of USC scholarships.)

Good luck!
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Can I Get Into Usc Or Ucla?

Postby Zed » Wed Sep 27, 2017 1:15 am

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