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Can HPV infect colon?

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Can HPV infect colon?

Postby diandre18 » Tue Aug 21, 2012 4:01 pm

Hi, i have anal hpv infection and I recently had done a colonoscopy. Could this have introduced some HPV into my colon? Because for colonoscopy, the scope has to pass through the anal opening. Could this have picked up some HPV and distributed them throughout colon?? I've read some literatures and many they seem to suggest that it "might" be possible since HPV has been found in colorectal cancer tissue. They just don't know for how it could have gotten there and not really sure if HPV really play a role in colorectal cancer. If HPV can indeed infect colon, this should mean that for those with HPV infection should avoid colonoscopy altogether. I'm confused and bit anxious. Can anyone with professional medical knowledge help me? THANK YOU
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