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Can Gastritis turn into cancer?

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Can Gastritis turn into cancer?

Postby dohasan85 » Sun Nov 11, 2012 5:01 pm

I suffer with gastritis and i'm taking numerous of medications to calm it down.
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Can Gastritis turn into cancer?

Postby cuchulain » Sun Nov 11, 2012 5:12 pm

Note - B17 does not actually exist - it stops at 12. This product is called Amygdalin and comes from Apricot Kernals. It was "declared" a vitamin by Ernst Krebs (who was a chemist) at a time when vitamins could be commerciallised and money was to be made from it. It is NOT a vitamin.

As for Gastritis - it really depends on what is causing it. If you have gastric ulcers, you may have H. Pylori virus (get a blood test to find out).

It could also be a food allergy (gluten being the main offender) - again, can get an allergy test done.

Finding the cause and eliminating it is always better than taking drugs.

Continuous inflammation of the stomach lining (gastritis) may cause long term problems - and possibly cancer. It is thought to be a "risk factor" though the link has not officially been made.

My suggestion would be to get other things ruled out such as coeliacs disease (gluten allergy) - which is a simple blood test nowadays, pancreatic problems, diabetes and liver problems.

Ask your doctor for a full blood work-up and coeliacs disease blood screen. This may find the cause of the Gastritis and means you can come off the medication.
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Can Gastritis turn into cancer?

Postby teyo » Sun Nov 11, 2012 5:15 pm

I personally would cure gastritis with nutrition instead of medication, because medications have the tendency to irritate the digestive tract, etc... Gastritis actually happens with someone doesn't have enough vitamin B12, zinc, and probiotics (and if someone's pH level is too low: high acidity in the body). get your nutrient levels for vitamin B12 and zinc checked out. the doctor/nurse will take a blood test to see if you're low in either of them. also, make sure you're eating healthy ALKALIZING foods!

Youtube these doctors for more information:
Dr. Mercola
Dr. Pompa
Dr. Jonny Bowden

PS: google how a deficiency in vitamin B17 causes cancer!
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