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Can blood work and CT scan of abdomen/pelvis and chest rule out cancer?

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Can blood work and CT scan of abdomen/pelvis and chest rule out cancer?

Postby iver74 » Mon Jan 28, 2013 8:57 pm

25 male. Here is a break down of the past month.
First doc visit: Went in because I randomly had a panic attack and thought it was an asthma attack (I had never had a panic attack before. Thought I was dying). They did a CBC and chest x-ray. X-ray came back normal. CBC showed slightly high monocyte count. I was prescribed a 5 day dose of steroids.
Second doc visit: Had another panic attack. They did another chest X-ray which showed bronchitis. I was prescribed antibiotics and Xanax.
I soon noticed I had a lot of chest/rib cage pain. I thought it might be my heart or something. Also started having constant lower left abdomen pain and frequent/urgent bowel movements.
Third doctor visit: Another chest x-ray, which showed the bronchitis was gone. EKG for the chest pains and they took 4 or 5 vials of my blood for tests. EKG came back normal. Blood test did too. Doc attributed stomach pains to antibiotics and said I had G.E.R.D. She prescribed me Prilosec and buspirone (anti-anxiety for the panic attacks.)
Fourth doctor visit: I went in mainly for a sinus infections, which she completely ignored. Chest/rib cage and stomach pains were still present. So, she ordered a abdomen/pelvis and chest CT. I suggested maybe the rib cage/chest pains were costochondritis. She shrugged. I also mentioned i had a lump in my right armpit that I had just noticed. She said she thinks it is a lymph node, but wont biopsy unless it is there for at least 12 weeks. CT scans came back normal.
The stomach pain is now mostly gone. I am still taking buspirone for anxiety and will take the Prilosec till it runs out.
Here are my current symptoms:
The lump under my right armpit is still there. It is rubbery, sorta oval/almond shaped, and painless.
I recently started having an achy pain around my arm pits and sides of pecks.
Chest/rib cage pain still persist.
I stand all day at work and recently my hips, spot on inner left thigh, a specific spot on my upper left buttocks, lower & upper back(mostly around shoulder blades), and neck have started hurting.
My mother has suggested some of the pain could be sciatica.
Also, near the end of a work day, I'll get numb/tingling sensations in parts of my arms. This only happens while at work, so I assume muscle strain, stress, and posture are contributing.
Also, within the past month, I have started waking to sometimes find my ring and pinky finger on one arm (it alternates) is tingling. Flexing my hand makes it go away.

My question is 1) with all the test I've had, if I had some form of cancer, would it have been found? Stress about health problems are what is setting off my panic attacks. I want to make sure I'm not dying. 2) Could all of the weird pains and sensations I'm having now be caused by stress/tight muscles/strained muscles?
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Can blood work and CT scan of abdomen/pelvis and chest rule out cancer?

Postby gara » Mon Jan 28, 2013 9:04 pm

I cant belive none of those doctors or doctor didnt do a MRI. Thats the key there. You need to have a mri on the knot. And maybe even your chest. And you could have stress from worrying abt it to
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Can blood work and CT scan of abdomen/pelvis and chest rule out cancer?

Postby farand » Mon Jan 28, 2013 9:06 pm

You could have some kind of bulging disc in your back or neck causing some of the tingling and back pain. An MRI of the spine and neck would be helpful. I think a lot of your problems are related to stress which causes a lot of tension and musculoskeletal problems. An MRI of the neck and back could rule out ruptured or bulging discs.

If it would help, since another lymph node has popped up, make an appointment to see a general surgeon who will advise you as to doing a biopsy on those nodes.
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Can blood work and CT scan of abdomen/pelvis and chest rule out cancer?

Postby jackson » Mon Jan 28, 2013 9:12 pm

Carcinophobia: Fear of Cancer--The main problem with "You" youngsters is that you people are either dynamic or genius or intelligent or shrewd and sharp. You, despite your extra-ordinary virtues, are the victims of internet and TV channels. You people start worrying with half or no/knowledge. How ever, Yahoo Answers blog is an "oasis" in the desert of confusion and worry.
People with carcinophobia or cancerophobia live with an irrational dread of developing cancer. Every bodily discomfort becomes a sign for them that they have a malignant growth somewhere inside. A headache, for instance, is a sign for them that they have a brain tumor. Just, wheezing and shortness of breath is taken as lung cancer, etc., Cognitive therapy can help someone with carcinophobia regain control of their life-WebMD.com
Nothing to fear for any disease, be it bacterial, viral, autoimmune disorder, allergy.hypersensitivity—an offshoot of bad diet[s] or genetic disorder[s].

1. Too many cooks spoil the curry.
2. By visiting many specialists/super specialists you became a foot ball.
3. Drug induced reactions can't be ruled out in most of your symptoms.
4. For sciatica, prudent to see a chiropractor in your vicinity. In US, they have more than 5 lac licensed chiropractors curing most of the spinal cord affected disorders.
5. For other symptoms, you may visit a local homeopath in your vicinity.

You shall be fine in a couple of months by all means.
God bless you.

PS. If satisfied/benefited with, inform others to browse 'Yahoo Answers’ on any health issue.
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