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Can Anyone Suggest Home Remedies For Uterine Cancer?

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Can Anyone Suggest Home Remedies For Uterine Cancer?

Postby Marlowe » Fri Oct 06, 2017 10:55 am

my mother 74yrs old is suffering from cervical cancer as per the allopaethic doctors. it all started in the year 2009 july-august with her dental problems. during the course of her dental treatment she was given lot of antibiotics and painkillers. by december 2009 she started complaining of abdominal pain. after the ultrasound and other tests in the month of march 2010 it was detected to be gall bladder stones(about 17mm large). she was operated laproscopically and gall bladder was removed along with the stones.the doctors had scanned the nearby areas during the surgery and declared no complication.she was fine for a week after which the pain again started.various scans were conducted but nothing could be detected.it was in the month of october 2010 she started having vaginal discharge with few clots. only then did we go to a gynaecologist and found that she had lesions over her uterus. the doctors suggested hysterectomy via laproscopy. but after laproscopy followed by laprotonomy (the surgery was performed without the guidance of oncologists) the doctors found it to be malignant and hence decided to close it without performing hysterectomy.later the senior oncologist reffered for 25 sittings of IGRT radiations & 2 platinum chemos. following this her condition worsened as her apetitie became very poor. after this we stopped all allopaethic treatments as she could not get rid of her pain even after the treatment. in the mean while she's taken ayurveda, holistic, chinese , natural ayurveda treatment. but still the severe pain persists.

pls advice some treatment (other than allopaethic) so that she is able to get rid of her pain.

(assured 10points for best guaranteed treatment)
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Can Anyone Suggest Home Remedies For Uterine Cancer?

Postby Kagan » Fri Oct 06, 2017 10:56 am

there is a drug that is saving cancer patients lives and it is non toxic and very low cost and it is made in

india by sun pharma , it is called naltrexone and when taken in low doses it normalizes the immune system and stops abnormal cell growth ( cancer ) it is considered alternative because people are using it off label , it works and it can be taken with standard treatment , the generic name for this medicine is

nodict , made by sun pharma in india , a person simply takes 4and a half mg at bedtime everyday ,

and it deals with pain because it causes the body to make much more endorphins which k.ill pain , and stops abnormal cell division and autoimmune disorders with no bad side fx .



and there is something called cellquest , people are getting wonderful results with it , it is natural and

you can take it along with low dose naltrexone , here are the video links , watch them
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Can Anyone Suggest Home Remedies For Uterine Cancer?

Postby Mayir » Fri Oct 06, 2017 11:00 am

Denisedds: Your answer makes no sense at all.

"allopaethic medicine" means western medicine.
(it's spelled "allopathic" in the US). Allopathic doctors ARE doctors--the ones you probably work with every day, the ones in white coats who work in hospitals and see patients and get medical degrees from places like UCLA and Harvard. Please look up words if you don't know their definition rather than just making declarations.

And yes, surgeons DO consult with oncologists in cases where cancer is suspected. This is a NORMAL, STANDARD approach in the US and I have no idea why you have no clue about it. It's what a responsible doctor will do in a large teaching hospital. But if a doc works in a smaller hospital, or if he's just not as attentive to the patient's needs, or he thinks there's absolutely no reason to suspect cancer, then he might not do it. So for example a gynecologic surgeon might start surgery and then, seeing that there are what look to be cancerous lesions, he might call a gynecologic oncologist to step in and perform the rest of the surgery so that the patient can be properly staged. There's a much better chance that all visible signs of cancer will be removed and that staging will be done properly if a gynecologic oncologist rather than a general surgeon or a gynecologic surgeon performs the surgery.
Sometimes more surgery needs to be performed if the less skilled type of surgeon performs it. Sadly, in this particular case, they didn't have the right kind of surgeon to begin with, and then instead of calling in the right kind of surgeon to complete the surgery, or having further surgery later with the right kind of surgeon, they decided to abandon surgery completely, even though it's the best way to alleviate her pain and cure her of uterine cancer. Aruna, another problem here is that you are combining all of your mother's different medical problems into one story. It's not one story, it's several stories. Your mother had pain in her teeth. That was fixed. End of that story. Your mother had abdominal pain. It was almost certainly due to uterine cancer, but the doc thought it was gall bladder. She may have had gall bladder problems too--not uncommon at her age. In any event, given what her uterine cancer looked like 5 months afterwards, she already had uterine cancer at the time of the gall bladder surgery but the docs didn't see it because it was hidden inside the uterus at that point, plus laparoscopy doesn't give you that great of a view of areas other than where you're working, and the uterus is pretty far away from the gall bladder and that's why she did not get diagnosed then. I can sense your frustration--for the past 2 years you've watching your mother continually suffering and you want it to end. But please believe the best way to do this is for her to have a hysterectomy and then return to the uterine cancer treatments she's been getting through allopathic medicine. Good luck!
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Can Anyone Suggest Home Remedies For Uterine Cancer?

Postby Adika » Fri Oct 06, 2017 11:07 am

Your mother is still in pain because she has cancer that is being untreated. Uterine cancer is one of the most treatable abdominal cancers so your delay could be costing your mother a cure. It's possible if she has a hysterectomy then much of the pain will go away, and then the rest will go away with chemotherapy or radiation. You seem to have done everything EXCEPT hysterectomy. You need to try it.

Her dental problems had nothing to do with getting cancer. She had uterine cancer for awhile before it was detected, and her gall stones probably had nothing to do with the pain she was in.
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Can Anyone Suggest Home Remedies For Uterine Cancer?

Postby Derrie » Fri Oct 06, 2017 11:10 am

James, we could only wish that there would be a natural self administering remedy for not just lung cancer but all cancers, unfortunately we haven't found it as of yet, we would all like to by-pass the invasive current medical treatments but that is our only choice if there is some hope of coming out the other side. So go to the doc's, grin & bare it, there are no guarantee's but that's the best you can do, I wish you well.
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Can Anyone Suggest Home Remedies For Uterine Cancer?

Postby Gwalhaved » Fri Oct 06, 2017 11:13 am

You make no sense at all.

Allopaethic doctors are not doctors.

Oncologists do not supervise surgeons.

Dental work has nothing to do with GYN cancer.

There are no home remedies.

And there is no such thing as ?guaranteed treatment?.

She needs a real diagnosis and a real doctor.
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Can Anyone Suggest Home Remedies For Uterine Cancer?

Postby aethelisdun » Fri Oct 06, 2017 11:23 am

There's no such thing as a "home remedy" that's effective.
Put her on hospice treatment, that'll get rid of the pain and give her a few months of happiness.
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