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Boyfriend Found Lumps In/on His Neck?

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Boyfriend Found Lumps In/on His Neck?

Postby Vonn » Sat Oct 07, 2017 4:49 pm

My boyfriend is 19 years old and we both started smoking cigarettes maybe two years ago, it may not have been that long, I'm just roughly guessing two years. Anyways, he recently found three lumps on his neck but they are all under the skin. There is one right above his Adams Apple, there is also one RIGHT next to it on the right side of his next, almost like they are connected but it doesn't feel like they are, and one more on the right side of his neck but more under his jaw/chin-ish area. They are all hard but they seem to move when you place a finger on them and try feeling them. They are all about the size of a pea, I would say two out of three are the size of two peas, maybe not quite that big. Our friend had thyroids in his neck that felt the same and he keeps telling us it could be an ingrown hair but he really doesn't think it's anything. He also said they don't hurt when he touches them, but has pain in his neck every once in a while, but I get a pain in my neck sometimes but I know there's nothing wrong with me. I'm mainly worried about him, could it be cancer? Cancer at 19? I keep hoping they are thyroids, ingrown hairs, or cysts. Anything is better than cancer!!! Opinions would be greatly appreciated!
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Boyfriend Found Lumps In/on His Neck?

Postby Tormod » Sat Oct 07, 2017 4:58 pm

At age 19 and having been smoking for such a short time the chances are very, very small that your boyfriend has smoking related neck problems.

From the size I don't believe they're in-grown hairs as they don't usually get so large and would usually tend to be tender because of the swelling from the accompanying infection in them.

I'm leaning more toward a couple spontaneous Sebaceous Cysts. These are simply blocked oil producing glands which allow oil to coat the skin for protection and to stop it drying out.

A pimple is much the same thing but only much more superficial and smaller, and more tender. Because sebaceous cysts often occur from a trauma causing a bit of localized swelling with temporarily blocks the little channel out of the skin the gland but the gland keeps on producing it's oil causing it to dam up behind the little blockage. Sometimes the blockage dislodges and all is well but when it gets up to the size you can feel it the blockage is more permanent and the gland may slow down production but will still continue thus the cyst will slowly get bigger and bigger til over time it gets so big you need to have some local anesthetic and have the doctor cut the swollen gland out. Pretty simple procedure but just a nuisance and will probably leave a little scar.

Sebaceous cysts are not cancerous and they don't become cancerous.
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