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Bone Lesion

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Bone Lesion

Postby Daley » Wed Mar 18, 2015 4:11 pm


I have had severe, intermittent groin pain for over five years now. Only X-Rays were taken and the hips appeared normal. I finally convinced military doctors to order a hip arthrogram in the right hip even though the X-Rays were normal. To everyone's surprise I have FAI and a labral hip tear. This will be surgically corrected in a week. Military doctors were finally willing to believe me and ordered a hip arthrogram in the left hip(both hips are agonizing). An 8mm bone lesion was detected in the greater intertrochanteric region and "appears to be more benign than malignant." This lesion apparently corresponds to an oddity viewed on the X-Ray. The Orthopedic surgeon will evaluate the lesion next week and determine where we will go from there. The pain in the hips/groin is terrible. Should I be concerned? Thank you for your response.
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Bone Lesion

Postby Gilmer » Wed Mar 18, 2015 6:20 pm

Based only on your information that is impossible to answer with any certainty. According to your question it looks more benign than malignant BUT radiology examinations are NOT pathology reports and only such a report can tell us with certainty what it is. However it is probable that the probability for a benign lesion is bigger than for a malignant one. But that is all I can say at present and probabilities do not offer any guarantees. Your orthopedic surgeon must determine what this is, probably with the help of a pathologist. Any uncertain lesion is a cause for concern though. So you are not out of the woods until we know precisely what this is! Please do keep me posted! And from one military guy(I was chief military officer of the Royal Guards & Horse Guards Regiment and the Royal Household/Guards Brigade of the Royal Swedish Army for 15 years)to another I do wish you the very best of luck!

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