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Bobble In Mouth

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Bobble In Mouth

Postby Linley » Tue Jan 21, 2014 8:20 am

Hi, i`m a 16 y/o man in The Netherlands, and I'm concerned.
I've a bobble in my own cheek, not to the skin or anything, but actually WITHIN the skin, it's been there for over annually now and i begin to be concerned. It began really small however now its how big a small M&M. I googled it, but all of us realize that whenever you google issues, the worst-case situation appears.
Reasons for having the bobble: Its hard, like METAL, can`t chunk it or anything and so I don`t believe its a tumor, Additionally its not really a lipoma since this factor is HARD.
You are able to move it around a bit, i assume thats since the soft-tissue of the cheek but i don`t understand.
Additionally, I've this tic, i really chew of bits of skin from within my mouth. Onetime I acquired like, TRULY heavy. The following day it was still a hole, but per week later the hole was gone, nothing unusual. 2-3 weeks later it was apparent there was anything there. I can`t assist the tic, I've been attempting to stop it but i just CANT i go crazy when i don`t do it. (Should probably visit a doctor for that, to)
It simply doesn`t disappear. And i`m worried it might be some type of cancer/tumor. My dad died of cancer and my grandmother has it at this time. My grandmother had breast cancer and my mother is famous to possess malignant tissues that'll possibly from the growth within the next decades in her ovaries(Physicians wan`t to find out what goes on before doing anything extreme)
So my loved ones has a relatively good cancer. Perhaps I acquired it to? I can`t visit the physician any time in the future (This week) since hes so active
Perhaps anybody here knows what else it may be?
Thanks for the time and reading
(PS: Don`t mind my Language since its not my native language)
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Bobble In Mouth

Postby hakim » Wed May 07, 2014 7:38 pm

There are many things, other than cancer, that this nodule could be.
Please see your doctor as nobody has the ability or the expertise to tell you online what you have.
While you wait to see your doctor, find a way to break your habit.
It will be difficult, but focus on that instead of the 'bobble'.

God bless,
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