Link Between Cancer and Obesity Examined

Obesity and Cancer

Obesity and Cancer

A new study has reaffirmed the link between obesity and cancer.

The study, published in the Lancet Journal, reaffirms that a high body-mass index of 25 kg/m2 or greater is associated with increased risk of cancer. Researchers believe that in 2012 nearly 500,000 cases of cancer were attributable to high BMI around the world. The vast majority of these obesity related cancers occur in the United States and Europe, because of the higher levels of obesity found in those locations.

Women were more likely to be affected by cancer relating to obesity, particularly breast cancer. The most common forms of cancer caused by obesity were corpus uteri, postmenopausal breast, and colon cancers. These forms accounted for 63ยท6% of cancers and are attributable to high BMI.

The research looked at cancer rates in over 184 countries and found that obesity was associated with 5.4 percent of cancer in women and 1.9 percent in men during 2012. Those percentages are higher in developed countries with excess weight causing 8 percent of cancers in women and 3 percent in men.

The cancer rates were lowest in parts of Africa, due to lower calorie intake.

According to the researchers:

These findings emphasise the need for a global effort to abate the increasing numbers of people with high BMI. Assuming that the association between high BMI and cancer is causal, the continuation of current patterns of population weight gain will lead to continuing increases in the future burden of cancer.

Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month!

Exercise to Avoid Cancer

Exercise to Avoid Cancer

Dr Rebecca Moss has written a fantastic article for Slate magazine, aimed at raising awareness for one of the most preventable forms of cancer, colorectal cancer. Dr Moss specializes in gastrointestinal cancers at the research level so has a professional understanding of the cause, symptoms, diagnosis and prognosis of the disease.

Her advice is thorough but can be summarized in a few main points. If you wish to avoid dying from colorectal cancer and want to minimize risk:

  1. Have a colonoscopy when your doctor tells you to so you find tumors and polyps before they become cancerous
  2. Exercise regularly and maintain a healthy weight!

As Dr Moss points out in the article, unfortunately many Americans are not getting enough exercise. In fact the vast majority of people don’t get enough exercise with only 1 in 5 exercising enough. That is a staggering statistic and of great concern to researchers who know that exercise is a key to avoiding this form of cancer.

Meanwhile plenty of Americans are still taking vitamins and other health supplements in the mistaken belief that it will protect them from cancer.

So exercise is really a massive factor with regular exercise helping to prevent some of the most dangerous diseases that face adults in America – Obesity, Diabetes, Heart Disease and Colorectal Cancer.

Unfortunately due to the explosion of obesity in the United States, colorectal cancer is a common form of the disease. The article also points out that diabetes increase the risk of colorectal cancer by an astonishing 30%. The horror of these statistics is that these diseases can be avoided with regular exercise and a healthy diet. The diseases are also greatly impacting on aging baby boomers, who having reached retirement age are instead facing horrible health problems because they haven’t been exercising with regularity in the last few decades.

So ladies and gentlemen, takes the doctors advice, get out and about. With exercise you will not only be reducing the risk of diabetes, cancer, obesity and heart disease, you will also look and feel better. It’s a win/win situation so get off the couch and enjoy a longer and happier life.

How Does Meditation Help Cancer Patients?

Yoga To Treat Cancer

Yoga To Treat Cancer

Scientific tests demonstrate that using meditation is a great supplementary treatment method in the struggle against cancer. Not only does it decrease discomfort and improve your mood, but in addition data suggests that it improves immunity and possibly improves prognosis. This is most likely due to the effect on the autonomic neurological system.

The autonomic nervous system is in charge of unconscious activities which include respiration, perspiration, heartbeat, and digestive function. The autonomic nervous system will serve two main kinds of operations. One of those, the sympathetic nervous system, prepares the entire body for emergency situations by boosting heart rate and restraining the flow of blood. The other portion, known as the parasympathetic nervous system, slows heart rate, raises blood flow, and lets out beneficial enzymes for digestion.

Research shows that using meditation lowers toxic cortisol concentrations and improves the discharge of beneficial endorphins into the system. It also improves the level of activity in the sectors of the brain connected with favorable emotions and compassion.

So how can individuals figure out how to meditate? There are several types of meditation. If you are coping with cancer, there are many solutions. A lot of people really like learning from meditation or Yoga educators in private or public training. Those who wish to train with other people that are fighting cancer may choose specialised classes provided by many healthcare facilities. For individuals who want to meditate at your home or alone, these techniques are excellent choices:

– Well guided meditations can be found as both internet downloads and CDs, and a few were created specifically for cancer affected individuals.

– Breathing consciousness meditation can bring the focus inward, returning focus to every breath if your mind wanders.

– Moving meditations, like Yoga, Tai Chi, or Qigong, offer active options for restless enthusiasts. They also prepare the body and mind for other kinds of meditation.

– Mantra meditation targets particular vibrations or phrases, such as the “AUM” tone or a mindfulness affirmation, such as: “May I be at peace.”

The requirement for Yoga and meditation in oncology departments is growing. Because study shows the main advantages of meditation for the managing and healing of cancer, its practice will likely become a part of standard health care. You never know where the future will lead us. Meditation is part of every Yoga teachers exercise program. Possibly meditation has been under appreciated, but its future as an adjunct treatment method seems very good.

Beating Cancer With The Help Of Exercise


Exercise and Cancer

Exercise and Cancer

Becoming identified with any cancer in the present day is not automatically a death sentence but it really is definitely life altering. The medicine and treatment method protocols which will be injected into your body along with biopsies, surgical procedures and additional complications take their toll on your bodies power to collect up the energy that you could have once had for program adherence for a rigid exercising program.

A number of people endure quite a few months of staging and grading depending on the sort of cancers and their specific prognosis. You can imagine this is quite an interruption to any normalcy their lives may have resembled Pre medical diagnosis. Then will come the treatment solutions, the path to take, financial things to consider and for many family planning. Obviously fitting in physical exercise, meditation or walks all appear like luxuries for the duration of these times but really should be fit in just as urgently as their treatment protocols when achievable for strength building and stress relief.

As soon as chemotherapy has come into play and hospitalizations normally grow to be required, exercise commonly will take a back seat. The fact is that, most hostipal wards will not use a system to combine exercising into these individuals treatment protocols. Even the worst off sufferers can gain from moderate physical exercise i.e. walks, relaxation tactics, restorative yoga, chair exercises, light weight lifting, or some form of cardiovascular exercise to aid from the reduction in fluid retention and muscle mass atrophy.

Soon after getting outside of the revolving door of many hospitalizations the weakness in ones body is tremendous, not to mention a great deal of these people are sent home without aftercare and so are still actually ill and incapable of fending for themselves. Health care visits keep on for some months if not many years. For many sufferers blood building shots like Neupogen and Epogen are common and unpleasant. Frequent monitoring of blood concentrations named CBC’s are taken to check out the status of the white and red blood cells along with other important cells that are educational to the hematologist monitoring the cancer patients prognosis.

Then when, how and what sort of training does one participate in? You’ll find cancer exercising classes showing up all over the place. Yoga classes for the cancer survivor, swim classes, movement courses but what about a mind body course that will address the emotional turmoil alongside with building the body back up at the same time. Reinforce the mind as well as entire body will follow!

An entirely new level of health and fitness practitioner really should be produced for cancer survivors who’re faced with an aftermath of unintended effects from Lymphedema soon after having lymph nodes extracted to blood matters these kinds of as neutropenia or anemia, Epstein Barr, Long-term Fatigue, or even Recurrent Meningitis or histories or Encephalitis from insulted immune systems.

These Professionals will probably be faced with more and more medically challenged folks who truly require prepared guides that can help facilitate their journey again to health and wellbeing.