Cancer Risk from Household Chemicals

Household Chemicals

In recent years there has been some research about household chemicals and any links to cancer with some interesting results. Some of the results of the studies have been alarming, but there have also been doubts over the integrity of the studies themselves. This article will take a quick look at some of the recent […]

Lung Cancer Risk Factors

Lung Cancer Risk Factors

Cancer of the lung is the leading cause of death among both male and female people who are afflicted with cancer. It is also an exceptionally agonizing, torturous ailment, something which nobody should have to encounter. Even though many are aware of the various causes of lung cancer, many think that carcinoma of the lung […]

Foods Associated With Cancer

Foos that cause cancer

Several research projects and articles have reviewed the relationship among stomach fat and various cancers in men and women. It’s been stated that stomach fat is connected to ovarian and colon cancer, and in some cases breast cancer (because it effects variations in hormones). For many of us, this will be the motivation for getting […]