Link Between Cancer and Obesity Examined

Obesity and Cancer

A new study has reaffirmed the link between obesity and cancer. The study, published in the Lancet Journal, reaffirms that a high body-mass index of 25 kg/m2 or greater is associated with increased risk of cancer. Researchers believe that in 2012 nearly 500,000 cases of cancer were attributable to high BMI around the world. The […]

Cancer Rates in September 11 Responders Rising

September 11 Cancer Victims

The New York Times reports that cancer rates amongst many of the first responders on September 11 terrorist attack continue to rise. Over 2500 rescuers who went to ground zero have some form of cancer develop. Unfortunately many of these people have not been compensated for their illness. Only last year the rate of cancer […]

Pancreatic Cancer Rate Continues to Rise

Pancreatic Cancer Increasing

According to new research published in the American Association for Cancer Research journal pancreatic cancer will continue to rise in the coming decades. The report suggests by 2030 the top cancer killers will be lung cancer, pancreas cancer and liver cancer. Currently the most dangerous cancer is lung cancer, with breast cancer holding the second […]

Pancreatic Cancer on the Rise in the UK

Pancreatic Cancer on the Rise

The number of people presenting with pancreatic cancer is on the rise in the UK according to new research, and many patients are being forced to seek treatment overseas. Pancreatic Cancer is the 5th most deadly cancer, so the increase is of great concern to physicians and researchers. If the growth continues, some researchers suggest […]