Cancer Pain Management

Cancer Pain Management

Cancer Pain Management

Cancer pain is unusual compared to other forms of pain because of the large number of forms the pain can take. It can be very debilitating and can appear in numerous parts of the body at once. You can’t just take any kind of medication for the pain, because only certain types will be effective and you might be doing more harm than good by taking the wrong medication.

Because cancer pain can present in complex ways affecting many parts of the body, it is best to talk to an expert about pain management options. Your local general practitioner might not be the best qualified either – sometimes you will have to consult an oncologist or specialist to find a solution to the pain.

Effective treatments can also vary greatly with cancer pain, with some people having to use alternative therapies in conjunction with medication to get pain relief. You should try to keep an open mind when examining possible treatment methods, because pain relief can come from unusual areas including meditation and yoga.

Technology also plays a greater role in cancer pain relief nowadays. Some patients have to undertake scans to determine what part of the body is the root cause of the pain. That is because sometimes while the pain presents in one part of the body, the source of the pain is elsewhere. So you can have a sore back from pancreatic cancer, but treatments targeting back pain will not work on it. Technology helps locate the pain and the best treatment options.

It also helps to have access to staff that have experience in treating people with cancer pain. Being able to consult with experienced oncologists and nurses who have dealt with the particular form of cancer that you have will usually lead to a solution much faster. They will also have a greater understanding of the extent of the pain that you are going through.

Finding a doctor with that level of experience is crucial. Don’t be afraid of trying a number of doctors is your cancer pain is unresolved. Continue searching for pain relief even after a couple of doctors have failed you – relief is usually out there.

Also consult cancer support groups and other people who are going through the same cancer as you. People with the same illness will know exactly what the pain is like and what pain relief measures work. They are often the best source of information because they have experienced cancer pain first hand. Fellow cancer patients can also offer empathy because they know the battle with cancer very well.

Staying positive is also crucial, continue looking for pain relief and don’t give up.

Massage To Relieve Cancer Symptoms

Message Therapy for Cancer Treatment

Message Therapy for Cancer Treatment

Having cancer does not only harm our bodies but crushes the spirit also. A drained body linked with a drained spirit is not a great formula when managing this terrible disease. It is therefore very important that we use every available method to relieve any anguish cancer inflicted persons may suffer.

Use of complementary and alternative therapy is not unusual to the control over cancer-related symptoms such as pain, stress, exhaustion and many others. Health practitioners should know about the inclusion of such remedies so that they are in a position to recommend it as an adjuvant therapy. One of the more regularly used complementary and alternative remedies is therapeutic massage.

Massage therapy, specifically labeled oncology massage (with reference to the kind of massage given by highly trained massage therapists to individuals with history of cancer), is a modest course of action involving physical manipulation, which ranges from light to heavy pressure, which often can bring a myriad of advantages to alleviate symptoms of the disease progression and even the side effects brought on by the cancer treatment method itself. Though it cannot oppose or prevent the spread of cancer malignancy cells, therapeutic massage appears to carry an encouraging potential in symptom control and enhancing the total well being among cancer affected individuals.

Several evaluations on readily available scientific research documents have verified the benefits of massage therapy. It’s advantages consist of – elimination of pain, improving immune system performance, decreasing stress and exhaustion, relieving anxiety symptoms, and promoting sleep and rest. As outlined by research carried out at a leading cancer center, therapeutic massage is associated with an important change for the better in cancer patients’ symptom scores. By simply assessing the seriousness of cancer symptoms – such as serious pain, weariness, tension and anxiousness, nausea, depression – the trial concluded that symptoms scores were lowered by up to 50%, with gains continuing after 48-hour follow-up.

Equally, a systematic report on randomized clinical trials that was published in the journal of Supportive Care Cancer suggested that massage therapy can lessen a range of cancer symptoms including depressive disorders, frustration, tension, soreness, queasiness, and anxiousness amongst others. Methodologically, the critique utilised 6 databases with the primary goal of disparagingly appraising massage therapy as a palliative treatment for cancer. Also, a different randomized medical trial among females with primary cancer of the breast was performed to discover the efficacy of massage treatment in decreasing breast cancer symptoms and alleviating mood disturbances. Ladies receiving the massage experienced a considerable decline in bodily suffering and tiredness in comparison with the ladies in the control group.

By means of managing symptoms, therapeutic massage, being a non-invasive and cost-efficient therapy, can definitely impact and lead to the overall positive changes in the total well being of cancer patients.