Green Tea and Cancer Prevention

Green Tea Cancer Reduction

Green Tea Cancer Reduction

There have been numerous reports in the media about the health benefits of drinking green tea. From cancer reduction, to weight loss, to general health, green tea has been promoted as an all round wise health decision. But let’s drill a little deeper and look at the role of green tea in cancer prevention if any.

What is Green Tea

Green tea is simply leaves of Camellia sinensis plant that have undergone minimal oxidation during their harvesting and packing process. The tea has been popular in China and throughout many Asian countries for many thousands of years and has become more commonly drunk in Western countries in recent years, largely because of the oft-mentioned health benefits.

Green tea and green tea extracts can also be used in other food products and cosmetics where it has a potential positive effect also. The extracts from Green tea can be found in many commercial products, but sometimes the product is so diluted and processed that the mention of Green tea is more of a marketing exercise than it is a legitimate additive for health reasons. Rates of cancer are lower in many Asian countries than they are in the West, and many researchers and health specialists suggest this is largely because of the role green tea plays in the Asian diet.

Green Tea’s Health Benefits

Some of the often mentioned benefits of Green tea include:

  • A boost to the human immune system
  • A way to remove toxins in the body
  • Assists in the treatment of existing cancers in combination with traditional medicine
  • Improves energy levels and overall health
  • Can help you lose weight
  • Is a viable alternative therapy for cancer treatment

But are these benefits accurate?

At this stage there is some evidence that Green tea might reduce the risk of getting cancer, but there is not sufficient evidence to suggest that green tea can cure existing cancers.

What research has told us is that green tea can reduce the risk of heart disease and only certain types of cancer. When researchers looked at the weight reduction properties of green tea they found that while it does not raise the metabolic rate in humans, some green tea extracts with polyphenols have been shown to increase the rate of fat oxidation.

Green tea is packed full of flavinoids, much more so than many other foods that are considered extremely healthy. Flavinoids have a well documented anti-oxidative and anticarcinogenic function in the human body which is a good thing, but the levels of flavinoids can vary dramatically depending on the quality of the green tea.

Researchers have also identified an extract in green tea called epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG). That extract is also of great interest in cancer research and it’s exact role is still being established.

In the laboratory, cell studies have shown that some green tea extracts can prevent cancer cells from growing. The polyphenols and another substance called catechins have anti-oxidant properties and prevent the cancer cells growing. Keep in mind that these kinds of cell studies are very different to human studies which see if the chemicals in their diluted form can still play a role in stopping the growth of cancer.

The human studies we have seen so far are a mixed bag. In a meta study (which looks at the results of many other studies) in 2006 discovered that green tea can lower the risk of breast cancer. However other meta studies have not found enough evidence to back this up.

The same is true for bowel cancer, with one study suggesting that green or black tea played a role in the reduction of risk of bowel cancer, then another study finding no such link.

One Chinese study found that men who drank green tea on a daily basis had half the risk of stomach cancer as those who did not. A 2008 meta analysis which reviewed 43 of studies suggests that the evidence of reduced risk is only small. Many studies suggest it reduces risk while many claim to have found no link between green tea consumption and the reduction in risk of stomach or digestive tract cancers.

Other forms of cancer have no apparent link, with studies into prostate cancer seeing no link between green tea consumption and reduced risk.

One problem with the studies is that many don’t factor in lifestyle factors and investigate the affects of green tea on a narrow section of population. Additionally, in many cases the studies don’t detail the amount of green tea taken, nor the quality of the green tea (which plays a substantial role).

Some trials have shown more positive results though, and none of the trials have shown negative effects shown with the moderate consumption of green tea. Green tea in large quantities has the same negative and positive effects associated with the consumption of caffeine – an increase in anxiety or nervousness, trouble sleeping.

One of the trials that has shown more positive results was a 2012 study into the ability of a green tea extract to help treat cancer. Polyphenon E was given to 45 chronic leukemia patients who were not taking any other treatment for the disease. 30% of patients had a positive effect from the green tea and saw their lymph nodes shrinking and a reduction in the number of cells with leukemia. A small trial yes, but it shows some promise with green tea extracts.

Drinking Green Tea

Green tea is a very safe drink to consume. The only drawback with consuming green tea is the small amount of caffeine present that causes irritability, nervousness and more frequent urination.

Many health specialists suggest that you drink between 3 and 5 cups of green tea per day to obtain a health benefit. The level of caffeine is about 30% of the caffeine content of a cup of instant coffee. So 3 cups a day is the equivalent of 1 cup of coffee in the morning. You can obtain decaffeinated green tea, but some experts suggest that the additional processing to remove the caffeine may have a negative effect.

Green tea capsules are also available and you can even add green tea to food!

Before consuming green tea, if you are on any medications consult with your doctor to determine side effects. Green tea is mostly harmless, but for people with heart conditions, the additional caffeine may be a factor. Always consume green tea in moderation to avoid any issues with excessive caffeine.

In very rare cases, green tea can affect how well you absorb certain medications, so that is worth looking into before you begin consuming it.

Green Tea Claims

So there is the evidence. It may be helpful in preventing cancer, and green tea extracts may have a role in treating cancer, but the research is far from clear.

Be wary of any websites that are selling green tea as a cure for cancer or some kind of magical tool for weight loss. This is inaccurate.

The evidence that green tea consumption is a great source for anti-oxidants is much more clear and if you want to maintain good overall health as well as potentially reduce cancer risk, it is a great choice.

Cancer Prevention with Whole Grains

Whole Grains Cancer Reduction

Whole Grains Cancer Reduction

One of the best ways to reduce your cancer risk is to maintain a healthy diet with a diverse intake of foods. Generally, consuming foods that haven’t been processed is best, so fresh fruits and vegetables as well as whole grains. Research has revealed that whole grains are a particularly important form of food for the reduction of risk in certain types of cancer. This article will take a look at which types of cancer whole grains can help prevent and how to choose whole grain foods!

Whole grains are cereal grains that contain cereal germ, endosperm, and bran. They are close to their natural form as opposed to refined grains that have been processed to make them more easily used in processed foods or to improve the aesthetics of the food. Refined grains only contain the endosperm because the milling process removes the cereal germ and bran. The bran is the outer protective layer of the grain kernels and the endosperm is the starchy carbohydrate inside the bran husk. The germ is a very healthy part of the grain because it contains vitamin B, minerals, protein and healthy fats. Unfortunately processing the grain will remove the germ and you lose all of those benefits.

You can refer to the image above to see the different parts of a wheat grain. The next time you are shopping you can also compared brown rice and white rice to see the difference between unprocessed and processed rice. The brown rice is the natural state of rice, before the germ and bran have been removed in the processing. After the rice is processed it is white and faster to cook. That makes it more convenient but you also lose many of the natural nutrients in the rice.

Health Benefits of Grains

Many of the plant compounds in whole grains are very nutritious and contain compounds that can help protect your cells from damage that can lead to cancer. Whole grains are also high in fiber which helps maintain good overall health as well as reducing the risk of cancer of stomach, colon and rectum (amongst others). In addition to the fiber there are various antioxidants, phenols, lignans and saponins (organic compounds). Let;s take a closer look at these components.

Antioxidants are compounds that help minimize cell oxidization from free radicals. Anti-oxidants can help prevent aging, help you remain healthy and help prevent cancer.

Phenols are fragrant organic compounds in oils that also have interesting antibacterial properties and help your immune system. Lignans are a plant based form of estrogen that can help protect damaged cells. Saponins act as natural anti-biotic within the body as well as playing a role in fighting cholesterol and protecting against cancer.

Cancer Research Findings

Many studies have been performed into the possible link between whole grains and cancer prevention. A meta-analysis of 19 studies into the link between whole grains and reduction of risk of colo-rectal cancer and gastric cancer found that in 16 of the studies, the cancer risk reduction from whole grains was “high” compared to a diet with only refined grains.

A separate meta-study saw 45 from 50 studies mention that whole grains have an associated decrease in cancer risk. Whole grain consumption mostly reduces risk in gastro-intestinal cancers with analysis showing a 20% reduced risk of colon cancer, 28% reduced risk of pancreatic cancer and a 40% lower risk of gastric cancer.

Other research papers have linked the consumption of whole grains to a reduction of risk for 18 types of cancer. That includes reduced risk of stomach, colon, gallbladder, liver, rectum and pancreatic cancers.

Eating More Whole Grains

It’s very easy to start eating more whole grains and get the great cancer prevention and health benefits. Stop buying white bread and choose a healthier brown or grain bread. Remove white rice from your diet and start using brown. You can also switch to whole grain cereals instead of processed cereals like your standard corn flakes. Some whole grains are fun to eat, like pop corn! Switch to wholemeal crackers, brown flour and look into the ingredients of ready to eat meals – are their better alternatives.

Once you make the switch you will not only find that you are reducing cancer risk, but you will also have increased energy and fell better. The extra nutrition in whole grains will have an impact on your overall health. Try it out!

Fight Cancer With Food

Cancer Fighting Foods

Cancer Fighting Foods

Most cancers are a very deadly illness. It is amongst the most nasty health conditions known to humans. It can be curable only when found at very early stages. Occasionally, the organ concerned is so sensitive that it can’t be touched and remedied. There are numerous therapies which are made use of across the globe to deal with cancer, with radiation treatment becoming amongst the most widespread approaches. On the other hand, cancer can be contained with help of suitable diet plan. There are actually nutrients that strengthen your immune system and help you battle against the malignant cells. Let us take a look at foods that help overcome cancer.

Tomatoes – Tomatoes can be primarily valuable in treating prostate cancer. You’ll find it has elements to fight against colon cancer, cancer of the cervix, and breast cancer. Tomatoes consist of lycopene which fights against cancerous cells and stops their progress.

Sunflower Seeds – Sunflower seeds are loaded in vitamin E and zinc. Zinc expedites the method of restorative healing and will be made use of by the individuals undergoing chemotherapy. Sunflower seeds along with oysters are rich sources of vitamin E and zinc. Milk should really be shunned because it restricts absorption of zinc.

Egg Yolk – Egg yolk gives you folic acid that has been proved to fight against the cancerous cells.Drinking carrot juice on a routine schedule will help a great deal. Besides egg yolk, an individual can also use green leafy veggies, avocado, beans, carrots, apricots and pumpkins.

Broccoli – Broccoli is another agent as well as cabbage, kale, brussel sprouts which can be high in fiber and assist eradicate toxins from the entire body.

Pumpkin Seeds – Seeds of pumpkin may be mixed in your morning breakfast since they are rich resource of vitamin E. Vitamin E is called a cancer crusher. In addition to pumpkin seeds, a single can eat green fresh vegetables, soya and walnuts.

Mushrooms – Medical mushrooms like Shiitake, cordyceps, Maiitake, etcetera increase the immune system to be able to attack cancers. As well as all these, button mushroom also has cancer-fighting attributes.

Oily Fish – Fish incorporate vitamin A which can be pretty essential to fight against most cancers. Oily fishes have large amount of vitamin A in them, and therefore are therefore recommended to be integrated in food plan of a man or woman suffering from cancer malignancy.

Carrots – Carrots are again a excellent supplier of vitamin A, and will be utilized to battle cancer. Various other fruits like apricots, pumpkins, and peppers can also be valuable in cancerous situations. Consuming carrot juice on a regular basis assists a lot.

Raw Food Diet For Cancer Patients

Raw food diet

Raw food diet

I was studying the other day once again from Dr. Robert Morse’s book the chapter about the raw food eating plan for cancer sufferers. I was yet again amazed by the breakthrough data presented inside of a extremely condensed form, but nevertheless very easy and fascinating to read.

What I want to highlight in this particular brief post is surely a approach which I feel is essential within the light of much details about raw food and cancer patients which is now out there on-line.

And that idea is the fact the uncooked foodstuff diet plan for cancer affected individuals differs with the raw food eating plan for other health conditions.

Now, I do not like to say that there are not certain uncooked food items that happen to be more robust inside their effect on cancer than many others.

But, the idea I’m trying to clarify is that a raw diet program can help heal any type of illness, like cancer.

So, in case you make the changeover into the raw life style you will also be in your means of regaining your overall health for those who have been identified with cancer.

An actual account comes to my mind at the moment.

A man was diagnosed with cancer tumor. And after adhering to the traditional processes and treatment method the doctor recommended him, he was informed the melanoma continued to develop and he had just a few short months to live.

So, it absolutely was much better for him to go residence, for the reason that there was absolutely nothing else medicine could do to him.

As he walked away from the hospital, unfortunate and discouraged, he went via a industry.

And there he noticed some red grapes. He purchased several kilos and begun consuming them.

He continued to get this done, transforming it in a very practice, given that he couldn’t take in significantly else of cooked meals.

Waiting around to die and dying not coming, he went again towards the hospitals for analyses. Just after the effects arrived, he was astonished to determine that his cancer was on remission.

You are able to think about his joy at this incredible news.

We are able to rightly say this male chanced on the raw meals food plan for cancer patients.

And that’s my position. Never wait around to find a uncooked diet regime which can be especially suitable for most cancers clients.

Start off using the finest raw foods course offered to you personally. Or, commence ingesting uncooked right absent. The benefits will not delay to point out as part of your daily life.

And then you will get the extra edge using a several much more veggies and fruits which you’ll consist of in the diet plan.

Also, juicing is often a must for just a most cancers affected person.