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measles cancer treatment

Experimental Cancer Patient Wants Others to Benefit

measles cancer treatment

measles cancer treatment

More people are gaining access to new forms of cancer treatment which harness the power of viruses to rid the body of cancer. Stacy Erholtz from Minesota had a number of tumors throughout her body, which were treated successfully with the procedure, known as oncolytic virus therapy. Stacy had tumors in her spine, sternum, collarbone and forehead from multiple myeloma (blood cancer).

After having the cutting edge treatment and entering into remission, Stacy is now fun raising for the Mayo clinic and sharing her story.

The new treatment uses a modified form of the measles vaccine to target tumors throughout the body. The virus is “trained” to attack the cancerous cells but leave the healthy ones alone.

In Erholtz’s case, the change was dramatic. A large tumor on her forehead started receding within days. Within months she was in complete remission.

The treatment is now in it’s second stage of testing in the United States. Cancer advocates are hoping it can be on the market within the next year.