Research Suggests Meditation May Help Cancer Patients

Cancer and Meditation

For many years now, spiritualists and alternative medicine devotees have suggested that meditation can help a person beat cancer. In a world first, some research may have demonstrated that meditation can alter cells within the human body and play a role in battling cancer. The canadian-based research, “Mindfulness-based cancer recovery and supportive-expressive therapy maintain telomere […]

NFL Continues to Raise Money for Breast Cancer

NFL Supporting Breast Cancer

The NFL is continuing with it’s annual breast cancer awareness month, which occurs every October. The campaign is designed to increase breast cancer awareness and raise money for breast cancer research. The breast cancer awareness campaign began in 2009. In the United States, breast cancer remains the 2nd most dangerous form of cancer for women. […]

Preventing Hair Loss from Chemotherapy


When most people are first diagnosed with cancer and informed they will have to undergo various forms of treatment including chemotherapy, they are flooded with anxiety and fear. Most people are worried about surviving if it is a dangerous form of cancer, and worried about their family coping, but they are also worried about the […]

New Insurance Laws Affecting Cancer Centers

Cancer Insurance Changes

In an alarming new development, it turns out that under the new health care program currently being rolled out by the Obama administration, some cancer hospitals are not included in the insurance coverage. A number of doctors, hospital administrators and insurance regulators discovered the issue in recent months are are now spreading the word. Associated […]

Zach Sobiech Dies


Sad news today as Zach Sobiech, the Minnesota teenager who viral on Youtube with a song he wrote about fighting cancer, has passed away. Zach was only 18 and had Osteosarcoma, an aggressive malignant neoplasm from primary bone cancer. Zach was only diagnosed 4 years ago and wrote the song “Clouds” that became a hit […]

Supporting Your Partner Through Cancer

Spouse with Cancer

Finding out that your partner has breast cancer is not only extremely traumatic for them, but for you too. In months following a diagnosis there will be many ups and downs and the partner of a woman afflicted with breast cancer will have a lot to deal with. It’s easy for it to all become […]

Help Battling Lung Cancer

Cancer Support Groups

To be informed you have any kind of cancer creates considerable mental hardship for the patient and their household, especially true when it comes to lung cancer for its a) very low survival rates and b) influence over the quality of daily life for whatever period they have left. Even during times when the sufferer […]